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THE LASICAL GROWTH OF CRACK: Dark parents get out of hell! (PHOTO) | star

THE LASICAL GROWTH OF CRACK: Dark parents get out of hell! (PHOTO)

Photo: Profimedia, Damir Dervišagić

As soon as the hospital recovery process after severe injuries is completed and released for treatment at home, Darko Lazic will begin treatment for cocaine rehab! Sister's parents, Milan and Branek, are aware that their son is in serious trouble, dependent and ready to help him.

Photo: Marina Lopičić

After two weeks, he could barely survive a serious traffic accident, when he was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, and the drugs were out of the way, father and mother Lazicia realized that their son was in trouble. They were particularly struck when they heard that Darko was in the doctor's hospital asking for cocaine, and that one of the dealers was trying to get into the singer's room at the intensive care unit at KBC Zemun.

photo by Profimedia, Damir Dervišagić

– Milan and Branko struck when they heard that Darko was looking for a drug and realized that they were in serious trouble. As soon as they leave the house for treatment within a month, they will talk to him in accordance with the doctor's advice and convince him to go to treatment and take a bath of cocaine, but also alcohol. This is a very difficult process, the whole family must be involved in order to give the recipient maximum support and unconditional love, but also strength, because it often falls into crises – says our source close to the singer and adds that Milan and Branka were already talking with experts.

Photo: Marina Lopičić

– They've heard about some good psychotherapists working with addicts and who told them what the healing process looks like and they said that family support is very important, so they are also ready for therapy. Darko will be easier to deal with if he is with him. The only problem for parents is that they do not have enough financial resources to pay for it, but many of their friends and colleagues are ready to help. The treatment consists of three phases and still requires work with a psychotherapist – a source of history.

photo by Profimedia, Dragana Udovičić

We contacted one of the experts who works with addicts from various types of drugs and explained to us what stages would pass Lazić.

photo by Profimedia, Damir Dervišagić

– Treatment requires a psychological and pharmacological approach – drugs and psychotherapy are included, and more specifically, lifestyle changes. The first phase involves detoxification, and Darko is now forced to detoxify. Initially, they will feel strong pain in the whole body and excitement – they will not be able to sleep, eat. Bite strong light, every sound, word sent to him and high temperature appears. Then there is a feeling of depression, devastation. After a few days, the desire for cocaine is usually a little weak and drowsiness and apathy appear, and the addict sleeps for two days in this condition. In the second stage, cocaine boredom occurs, lasting up to two or three months. Darko will be even more depressed, he will be afraid, therefore it is possible to include anxiolytics (sedatives, primitive ones.) And antidepressants. Cocaine reminds and then addicted wants to take cocaine again. The third stage is the phase of weakening the pathological desire for intoxicants. It appears after the third month of treatment, and people's reactions to the surrounding world normalize, behavior regulation, sleep and appetite return to normal. It is important to be persistent and undergo psychotherapy several times a week, even if he is cured and continues a normal life, he should report, "- says the expert.

photo: Dragana Udovičić, Kurir

Considering that Lazic often consumes drugs in combination with alcohol, which leads to an even greater threat to the whole body, the expert emphasizes that it is extremely important to work in this field and that he must bathe.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

– Alcohol itself is harmful, especially in large quantities. If Darko consumed him with drugs, his body had already experienced great trauma. This combination leads to damage to the cardiovascular system – arrhythmia and increases the likelihood of heart attack, breathing problems, neurological problems leading to stroke, stomach problems – the source ends.

photo by Profimedia, Dragana Udovičić Stuparusic / Picture: Damir Dervisagic – Profimedia

She tried to help him
Ana Sevic has been raped at the Dark & ​​# 39; s drugstore

photo: Damir Dervišagić

According to Darko and his friends, his still-wife, singer Ana Sevic, knew his problem and tried to help him several times.
"Ana tried to advise him and say he was not taking cocaine, she wanted to go to therapy and treatment, but he always said it was a small thing and that he sometimes used drugs. She worried that she would save her marriage, but when she saw that she did not want to help her, she decided to divorce her, says a friend.

Phases of treatment

photo: Damir Dervišagić, print screen

The first phase – insomnia, loss of appetite, nervousness, depression
The second stage – increased depression, anxiety, crisis and the need to use cocaine
The third stage – the poor need for drugs, human reactions to the outside world are normalizing

The effects of cocaine use

Increased energy
Reduced appetite
Watchful vigilance
Accelerated heartbeat
Regurgitation of blood vessels
Extended students

Long-term use of cocaine

Creating addiction
Irritability and mood swings

The combination of alcohol and cocaine

Cardiovascular system – arrhythmias and myocardial infarction
Breathing problems – chest pain and respiratory failure
Neurological problems – stroke and headaches
Problems with the stomach – stomach pain and nausea


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