Sunday , June 13 2021

The FAS destroyed Maserati, but did not intend to sell it in Chinese

Fiat Chrysler Automobile has rejected speculation for the sale of its luxury brand Maserati.

The interest reportedly hit the Chinese giant Geely, owner of Volvo, but in Turin do not intend to quit Maserati, despite the problems in which it is located.

Late last year, the FCA leaders admitted that they made a mistake in the positioning and strategic development of Maserati, which in 2018 delivered only 26,400 vehicles worldwide, which is even 50,000 less than the annual target.

The new director of FCA, Mike Menley, thinks the company made a mistake that Maserati promoted as a "brand for the masses", and as another mistake, the Maserati and Alfa Romeo were combined under the same roof.

FCA plans to invest $ 10 billion over the next five years in hybrid and electric models, where Maserati will play an important role.

Meanwhile, the FAC partnership and the French PSA group speculated that the Torino did not rule out.

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