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The car autopilot is not reliable Mercedes Tesla Motors Volvo Nisan

Of the four assistance systems from renowned manufacturers, only Tesla has passed the tests. Conclusion: they have a future, but with a driver

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Testing the North American Auto Club Association (AAA) shows that eElectronic driver assistance systems in driving a car on the road do not always keep vehicles on the lane and do not always register at the time of the obstacle to avoid collisions.

Therefore, AAA warns drivers not to think that because of these systems their vehicles can be operated independently, and when these devices are turned on, they must be ready for a permanent takeover of management.

AAA also says that car makers use the word "remote"in the name of these systems, he can tell drivers that their real vehicles can handle themselves.

"These systems are designed to help the driver, they are not autonomous, despite their propaganda"– said Greg Branon, director of AAA for car design monitoring. "Of course, the word" pilot "in the title may suggest driving without the help of the driver, but this is not true at the current level of development of these systems."

The results of the AAA tests published this week are also related to several widely reported news about Tesla car accidents with a system that the company calls the "Autopilot." And the US State Security Committee (NTSB) is investigating some of these incidents, including March deaths, when "Model X" Tesla hit the fence during Mauntin Voyage, California.

AAA tests are the second ones that show that these systems are not able to solve any traffic situation, including some that are relatively common. In August, the Institute of Road Safety Insurers announced test results that showed similar problems with these systems as well as AAA tests.

AAA has tested four vehicle systems with adaptive cruise control, a vehicle assist system to track the lane, move between broken lines and an automatic emergency braking system.

Two models of this year were presented – "Mercedes S Class" and "Horn Horn" (American X-Trail), "Tesla Model S" from 2017 and new Volvo XC40 from production year 2019.

Tesla called his system Autopilot, Volvo Pilot Asist, and Nisan called it ProPilot Asist, who stressed that it was "professional help."

Manufacturers generally say that drivers tell their drivers that their cars are not able to manage themselves, and that they should always be vigilant and ready to intervene, or that they are designed only to help the driver.

Nisan said the name of his system includes the word "help", which means it was designed to help the driver.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz stressed that they do not encourage customers to ignore their responsibility as a driver, as the manufacturer said in a statement.

Tesla says he reminds the drivers that they always keep their hands on the wheel. "Tesla always said clearly that the" Autopilot "does not immobilize the car in case of an accident" – the company said in an earlier announcement.

Only Volvo did not comment on the name of its Pilot Assist system.

AAA says they are the tested vehicles jumped from the lanes and went through the drawn lines in August, that they had problems with moderate traffic, as well as curves and traffic jams. Three of the four tested systems did not avoid collision when the vehicle in front of them changed the tape and when it was simulated to stop the vehicle from the front.

Because these systems did not cope alone, the drivers had to do something to avoid accidentsBranon said.

Only the Tesla system completely blocked the vehicle in all five braking tests, while other vehicle manufacturers needed driver assistance for a quick stop, according to the AAA report.

Manuals for car owners say that the "limitation" of these systems is that when it comes to the vehicle and changes the tape, the system does not record that there is a second, detained vehicle on the road, Branon said. He said scientists expected the system to register a detained vehicle and react in time.

Nevertheless, Branon said that these systems, despite shortcomings, they have "great potential" to save lives and anticipate forces.

"Everything a good driver can depend on will improve safety, systems and drivers"– He said.

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