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The BMW logo shows no propeller, but something completely different Telegraph

The myth is finally explained

Germany earns BMW

Photo: Tanjug / Rade Prelich

It's been more than 100 years since the first BMW saw the light of day and the company became the best car maker in the world.

The history of the company goes back a long way to its roots in the aircraft engine manufacturer called Rap Rover, which was formed in 1913 by Carl Rapp.

Because of this history, many people think that the BMW logo respects its air past, but the truth is quite different.

The name BME – Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works, has been around since 1917 when the aforementioned aircraft contractor changed its name.

At the time, the demand for quality aircraft engines was enormous and enabled the rapid expansion of factories and industrial resources.

At the time, there was no official BMW logo, but engine technology for other purposes, such as cars, boats and motors.

Car Show, BMW

Photo: Nikola Tomic

According to Fred Jacobs, BMW archive director, the logo and its significance were not the focus of the early days of the company.

BMW just wasn't present in people's minds at the time.

At the end of 1917, the company got its first logo bearing many resemblances to the Rap emblem – the outer circle of the symbol was now embraced by two golden stripes and bore the name BMW.

Bavaria's state colors, blue and white, are arranged in reverse order. The reason for this was that copyright laws prohibited the use of state features or other trademark symbols.

However, how did the myth of the propeller come about?

Several ads feature BMW propellers on aircraft propellers, and these ads not only promoted engines but also represented the roots and expertise of those engines.

And no one bothered to say anything about it.

"For a long time, BMW was not trying to repair the BMW logo as a drive," Jacques explained.

Because of all this, people have been mistaken about what the VMW logo is, but now that misconception is finally corrected.


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