Sunday , April 11 2021

Tesy taxi without a driver stumbles on the streets of the next year VIDEO

Ilon Mask announced that in 2020 the so-called "robotaxi" service with self-propelled cars will be launched in the United States, which will manage a computer instead of blood and meat.

Model Y - Illustration (Photo: Tesla)

Model Y – Illustration (Photo: Tesla)

Speaking at an autonomy event in Tesla, Mask said autonomous taxis would be found on the streets of certain cities across the United States, but also announced that it would be "likely in the last 2 years" to create a Tesla self-propelled car that would not have controller or palette nonih command.

The first person, Tesla, said his company will focus on systems for "completely autonomous odors", with a new computer in his heart.

Since March 20, this computer has already been incorporated into the S and Model X models, and from the middle of April and the model 3.

As announced, the new ip, manufactured by Samsung in Texas, allows Tesla vehicles to have the highest degree of autonomy in the smell.

We recall that the American luxury car manufacturer has previously announced that its vehicles will be equipped with a completely autonomous odor system by 2018, but failed to realize this plan within the deadline.

See how this system works in Model 3:

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