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Samsung introduces new models – Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Two weeks after York, the Belgrade premiere arrived. Samsung unveils new models of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. These models are the most advanced blend of hardware and software in this series and are perfectly compatible with other devices.

The devices have been officially sold to us since Friday, and depending on the model and size of memory, prices range from 119,000 to 149,000 RSD.

The Samsung Note puts the emphasis on performance, which is the case with both devices. Note 10, among other things, carries a redesigned S Pen pen, also their trademark, which is the main tool for using the phone. In addition, the cameras of these phones, as well as the video editor, allow professional video recording without the need for enhancements.

samsung, phoneSource: N1

"The fantastic thing about this pen is that my two-click handwriting now becomes a digital record again, which I can send and have a convenient meeting record. You can also easily connect this device and use it as a small computer , which now has access to the office and you can technically work out of the office as if you were in the office, but I mean this is also a machine for creatives, creators, not just business people, for all those who want to create a few more, ”says Mi lano Electronics by Samsung Vujovic.

"We are all paranoid that anyone can access our data on our phone. Note 10 is protected by 3D ultrasonic fingerprints, so it is enough to just put your fingerprint on it, literally not just looking at our fingerprint pattern from fingers, but only the depth of the crease, so that really no one but you can unlock your phone, ”explained Mina Tasic of Samsung Electronics.

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