Sunday , June 20 2021

Roots of the fifth episode Mondo portal

The fifth episode of the series "Roots" brings new victims in the small Prerov. Achim Katic calls the peasants a rebellion.

In this conflict between the army and the peasants, the leader and the president of the commune, Aci is arrested. Later, Tole joined him later, who said he would follow him "even to the world."

We remember from the last episode that Djordje was drinking in the tavern for many days, and also at his coffee table, and gets information that his family is in trouble.

He comes to Prerowo, drunk mortal and Simka to save his life, he hides him in the attic of the stable.

It still pulls out the thicker end. He gets beaten by villagers, whose army was taken or killed by husbands, brothers, fathers …

Scene, how villagers beat villas, looks very embarrassing … Nikola manages to defend them, but not from George, who orders her to "disappear from his estate until the evening", although he somehow saved his head.

Out of shame, drunk, he left the attack on the village and let his father be arrested, Djordje flew to Belgrade.

Remember the MONDO series in the series

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