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Republika / Here are the rules to follow when drinking antibiotics!


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The recommended dose should be drunk to the end

Although it will be a few days later, all the symptoms will be withdrawn, and you will think it would be best if you stop drinking, although you have stayed the next few days, the doctors have told you reasonably that the antibiotic is drinking for some time. If you have been instructed to take the medicine for one week, ten days or two weeks, please listen to the instructions.

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– the prescribed dose should be drunk to the end – doctors emphasize. It is important to do this without creating a resistance.

Avoid alcohol and pay attention to other medicines you are taking

Like many other drugs, antibiotics are not good enough to be combined with alcohol, which alleviates or even invalidates their function.

In addition, if you are taking other medicines, you should consult a doctor who will know best if it is good to combine them.

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Photo: Illustration

Observe the prescribed dose and distance

The tip that you can go through each of these points is to listen to the instructions given by the doctor.

– The recommended dose and clearance are very important for maintaining the action and release or excretion of the drug. Follow the instructions – tell the doctors and add that if it is deviation from the hour, it will not cause a problem. However, it is good to drink an antibiotic to follow the "rules of the game".

Do not visit the remains of the "home pharmacy"

Most of us have a drawer in the house where the medicine is kept. In addition to analgesics, temperature reduction and the like, unbranched antibiotics may exist. When we realize that something is "caught" by some of us boldly, but misinterpreted by the remains of the "home pharmacy."

This is something you should not do at all, because the doctor is the one who has to determine whether to drink an antibiotic and who.

– Do not do this because many people take medicines for viral things, where the antibiotic is absolutely unnecessary. Only resistance is created and the body can not react when antibiotics are really needed, "said the doctor.

When taking antibiotics, it is important to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora

People taking antibiotics are severely affected by people affected by intestinal microflora, and these drugs can lead to changes in the composition of "good" and "bad" bacteria and can have long-term adverse effects on the intestinal flora. Therefore, it is recommended to take probiotics with antibiotics.

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