Saturday , October 23 2021

Republika / Beckalceva found a home in Belgrade, and here and where!


She sold the flat in which she lived with Luka … Nataša Bekvalac

Beckaltseva, who recently announced that she will not have a permanent residence in Belgrade, and that she will travel from Novi Sad, when she has business commitments, has now discovered that she was in a new home.

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Natasha could not live in this area after what happened to her …

However, she did not buy the house, but at her own discretion she moved to the hotel:

– Ready for the "Pink Star." I found my home in Belgrade. Life in the hotel is the best – wrote Natasha.

The singer recently showed his flat in Belgrade for the first time, where he lived for a few years with his daughter Khan, and then with her husband Luka Lazukić and their daughter, Katja, until divorce in April this year. Due to the very difficult situations she experienced in this apartment, Beckalceva decided to sell the property. Outside the apartment, he has a cottage in Cheney, who approached his parents. Recently, however, she was completely transferred to Nowy Sadu with her parents. Premijer

Natasha's house in Cheney …

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