Bane Colak and his girlfriend Zerina Hećo they are increasingly becoming serious emotional crises, and the most difficult is that many people constantly comment on their relationship and give themselves the right to draw conclusions about the love they feel towards each other.

However, at night they had an unprecedented debate that was caused by everyday disputes that ended with Colak's collapse with a glass in which he injured himself.

To solve this situation, the Wisdom Tree invited the participant to talk, and he opened his soul and admitted that he felt after everything he had experienced in the last few days.

– I was crying. I was wrong because I allowed myself to rage and hurt myself and everything else, otherwise it's my fault that my mother watched it at home, it was shocking for her. As for Zerina and myself, I made a mistake, I'm still wrong. She said she did not want to sleep with me, and she wanted to let her go. I told her that it was easier for me to be with me. Of course, we do not have the same relationship as before, but we are trying to get rid of some of you without knowing it as before. To establish a relationship, and I think it will take a few more days before everything calms down to see if we can continue or not. Let's try to overcome this and she thinks the best way is to separate herself and try to make a small first glance, and she. She suggested that we should spend time with other people and not be together. I have nothing to lose anymore. I do not see any other solution, I did the same thing I thought, and I thought it was in place. Others think I'm conservative, so at first I did not listen to my mother … She feeds me in the fire when she sees that I'm upset, she will not calm me down, but he provokes me and tells me to get away from her. She was when she whispered some of the stupidity and fabrication she had given me. It has nothing to do with it, but with the fact that I am accelerating this anger in myself, but not only in connection with it, but also with others.

Zerin's friends were telling the truth: Bane Colak is MOMENTIAL BREAKFAST!

scandal!Ivan Vučićević