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Protest "1 in 5m": Pink for RTS

Protesters One of the five million again symbolically painted the doors of the Radio Television Serbia building in a "pink" color, and was joined by representatives of the Alliance for Serbia Dragan Ililas, Marko Bastac and Nebojsa Zelenic.

One of the organizers of the protest, who was interrogated about painting the door of the RTS, Srdjan Markovic, told public service director Dragan Bujosevic, who filed criminal charges against the students for the action, that he was serving the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic. .

Markovic said that Bujosevic was once the majority role of many, known for saying "it is not Serbian to remain silent" but that he is now in the service of the authorities.

"Why did you paint your past in pink," RTS director Markovic asked. He added that the RTS was "a fake national frequency" and said the protesters were continuing a "reconstruction" of the public service that started painting the door earlier.

Kovacevic: According to "Serbian Advanced Reality" we are criminals

Student representative of One in Five Million, Moma Kovacevic, reminded that students who participated in the RTS painting action in pink questioned by police because criminal charges were brought against them.

"According to 'Serbian Advanced Reality' we are criminals because we are fighting for our right to know everything," Kovacevic said.

He added that "SNS Reality" has nothing to do with reality and that because of such "reality" actor Branislav Trifunovic was exposed to media lynching because he allegedly tore up the Serbian flag.

According to him, students are traitors to the government, while government officials meet on yachts with Pristina officials.

Kovacevic said that "Serbia's advanced reality and reality are so different that they cannot be met".

"That's why we are boycotting their lies, their reality and their choices," Kovacevic said.

Protesters marched to the RTS building on Takovska Street.

As announced earlier, the One Million Tonight protest is in response to a criminal complaint filed against students who painted the "pink" front door during a previous protest symbolically stating what they thought of his report.

Imperial march before the Presidency of Serbia

Protesters performed a mini-performance near the Serbian presidential headquarters in Belgrade, then approached the RTS building on Takovska Street, carrying a large banner with the inscription "Boycott" at the head of the column.

One of the organizers of the protest, Srdjan Markovic, said the presidential building should be in the presidency building, but that "the dark side of Serbia" resides there.

To illustrate that dark side, one of the students performed a tune from the film "Star Wars" on a violin called "Imperial March".

Citizens rally One in five million then continue their protest walk to the RTS building.

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