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Pesic Takes Over Star ?! – hello


10/22/2019 14:39 – 22/10/2019 15:21

Just to convince him.

Nebojsa Covic

Nebojsa Jovic, Photo: Alo / Marko Matlas

Red Star President Nebojsa Covic convened an extraordinary press conference on the day the Reds were left without a coach as Milan Tomic resigned.

We don't see each other for a long time, it's not a state of emergency, but a regular conference. Please ask something you are interested in so we will not speculate. And be relaxed.

Nebojsa Covic

Nebojsa Jovic, Photo: Alo / Marko Matlas

"Milan Tomic parted ways with the Red Star. It is not true that it was not the practice of the Red Star, do you remember we removed Milivoj Lazic in two rounds?

The man came in front of the cameras and told all the details of the relationship between Tumbakovic and Jovic! "It's a bit ugly …"

Author: Blixport / / SM Date and time: 10/22/2019 12:55 AM Now the situation is far clearer. Vladimir Matijasevic, Photo: Hello! / M. Metallic Big Dust came up with the decision of slain Tumbakovic not to invite Luka Jovic to the national team and it's finally clear – the Real Madrid striker is not punished.

Then Jovic moved to freeing up Red Star finances and budgets.

"We know where every dinar is and we have no additional sources of revenue. Neither Partisan nor Zvezda are arguing. These are the two strongest companies in the country. Our budget this season will be 8.3m euros, so there is no confusion." is Jovic.

Nebojsa Covic

Nebojsa Jovic, Photo: Alo / Marko Matlas

Covic referred to the current squad.

"Right now we have a problem with Brown, with Firebird. I hope he will be fit in 10-15 days. There were problems with Peperoglu as well as with Gist, but I hope for a speedy recovery," Jovic said.

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Perhaps the most interesting detail is when it comes to questions about a new coach. The final decision so far is to do everything possible to make Svetislav Pesic.

Nebojsa Covic

Nebojsa Jovic, Photo: Alo / Marko Matlas

"Now that he is coming to Belgrade, Svetislav Pesic will try to persuade him to stay here. This is in the domain of bidding. Curry is my great friend, ”Nebojsa Covic briefly suggested.


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