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Partizan, Chelsea, Danca Pantic and 3,000,000 euros

Partizan, Chelsea, Danca Pantic and 3,000,000 euros

(From the Mozart Sport Reporter from Belek)

Months of truth before Partizan. Can this team be better in the spring than in autumn, will the Serbian Cup Cup be defended, whether the game will be more content after the first preparations under the command Zoran Mirkovic, how realistic is it to expect putting in the group phase of the UEFA competition in late August …

In a series of dilemmas, another bread over Humsky 1: what's the status Danilo Pantic?

In addition, a Chelsea player on a loan between black and whites Mark Jankovic for the most creative football player of the current generation, and it is logical to ask whether the jersey will be worn next season. If Partizan wants to keep him, he has to pay 3,000,000 euros! The clause in the loan agreement of a young representative in a Serbian club increases to the level of the set. It was put to the insistence of the London Plavs, when this year they first expanded their cooperation with Panticem until June 2021, and then with Partizan signed an agreement for another loan in the last two seasons.

The Chelsea practice is that players who are not currently sending a loan – Even 42 of them are currently scattered throughout the world – By placing original clauses, he will provide a cash infusion that he can hardly count if one of them is only trained at the Kobam Center. Pantic is aware of the code Mauricio Soria can not expect a chance, but the question is whether Partizan has the money to keep him permanently and thus gets a 100% player in his possession, from which he can attract sport and economic benefits. If it is to judge the latest events – no, because it is even 400,000 euros, which Stromsetheth demanded Tokmaka Nguyen it was too much, and a quick package originating in Kenya ended up in Ferencvaros. If things are followed Danilo Pantic will continue after two seasons in Partizan's career at the new address …

If, meanwhile, the purchase of black and white money can buy his contract, and as long as this happens, an additional challenge for the professional staff is: what with Dacho Pantichem? On the one hand, someone would say "Why does the player play which club will not be able to announce the next season?"or"what kind of benefit Partizan has?", however, there is Bata Mirkovic a luxury that also denies one of the few players in the current squad capable of making a difference on the pitch? Especially there were matches where the team was knocked out without his help.

Of course, in the end, the player himself is asked. He has publicly stated several times that he is ready to return to Hill Topcider, but his classics since 1996 were no longer in Partizan. Andrija Zivkovic he set off for three seasons, of which he was suspended for six months, Miladin Stevanovic spent two years at Teleoptik – Khumska, and Nemanja Radonjic he did not even get debut for the first team. Perhaps after two years in Serbian football he wants to try again more abroad, and he is waiting for the European Youth Championship, where he can raise the price alone.

These 3,000,000 euros work, from the current perspective, for Partizan is unachievable.

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