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PALA, GREAT, ORGANIZED CARNITION GROUP: 14 people arrested for evading taxes. Chronicle


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November 10, 2018 10:53

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Until now, members of this criminal group have acquired an illegal material gain of 5,818 125 RSD

Members of the Ministry of the Interior, UCP, Organized Fight against Crime, in cooperation with the Tax Police and the Special Department for Combating Corruption in the Higher Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade arrested 14 people for suspecting that they committed an offense of association for committing a crime, evading the position of a responsible person and
money laundering.

They were arrested by AK (1963), from Belgrade, suspected of organizing a group, and MM (1956), BT (1980), ZD (1991), PV (1953), DM (1973) and VB (1982), all from Belgrade , suspected of being a member of this group. D.K. (1954) he was arrested as members of the group, the person responsible for the company "Sremacki tim" and "Mimi World", S.O. (1962), responsible person Tatmanc Impex and Five Mil Trading, A. N. (1989), responsible person Niketala Angro, Z. J. (1989), responsible
face of Ceart Exim, DM (1992), responsible person of Lariki Tim and Pintila, TM, (1965), responsible person of Tatmanc Impex and JK 1996), responsible person of Ceart Exim from Belgrade.

There are grounds for suspecting that in 2017 and 2018, members of this criminal group, in order to obtain unlawful material gain, found several business entities from the territory of the Republic of Serbia, who made payments to the accounts of companies controlled by this criminal group, and in accordance with previously issued invoices regarding allegedly trading in goods and services.

Subsequently, the funds were collected in cash, based on fictitious bills of allegedly made payments and returned to the responsible persons
companies that made payments and maintained a commission of 6 to 10 percent.

In this way, members of this criminal group have so far acquired illegal property benefits in the amount of 5 818 125 dinars. In relation to another seven persons, responsible persons of business entities who have made cash payments to the accounts of the said companies, criminal reports will be submitted in the ordinary procedure.

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