Thursday , April 22 2021

Nobody expected this: The universe is spreading much more than it should have been


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The Hubble Space Telescope has shown that the universe is about 9 percent faster than expected by astronomers, based on their calculation of the space path that began right after the big impact, writes "Awareness Awareness".

"This disagreement of growth has now reached a point that is truly impossible to dismiss as a coincidence. This is not what we expected," said Adam Rice, Nobel Prize winner and prominent professor of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University.

The speed of the expansion of the universe, known as the Hubble-constant, is a central part of physics and our understanding of space, it transmits B 92.

However, there have been unexpected changes on several occasions. Such changes have prompted astronomers to think.

The new study confirms that more detailed work is needed to explain the growth of the universe.

The research was carried out by Professor Rice with his team and analyzed the brightness of 70 stars from our galaxy, known as the Great Magellanic Shape. They measure the intergalactic distance, and the new method allows them to do so much more quickly.

Otherwise, the Hubble telescope could only see one star each time it orbits the Earth about 90 minutes, but with the new method it can now notice dozens of stars at the same time.

Using these data, the researchers calculated the Hubble constant and saw the velocity of space.

Rice says it is clear that the speed of expansion is not in line with what they expected.

"One measure is how fast the universe is spreading today, the second is prediction based on the physics of the early universe and early measurements," the professor said.

However, he and his team could not explain why there is an accelerated expansion of the universe, but continue their work on the Hubble constellation.

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