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New cancer treatments increase chances for treatment, eliminate chemotherapy, and do not destroy the immune system Telegraph

Scientists do not stop working to find a cure for cancer

Cell cancer

Experts have discovered a new way to treat cancer, and this does not involve chemotherapy. This means your immune system will no longer be disturbed. Strict cells that are infected will be treated.

Scientists who They use viruses to fight cancer they found a way to prevent the return of the disease by targeting healthy cells that surrounded the tumors and used them as camouflage. Researchers at Oxford University say this is the first time they can attack fibroblast cells (the type of connective tissue) that are "cheated" to support tumors and do not destroy healthy tissue.

This double attack can allow doctors to directly attack the tumors and to reveal carcinogens that can activate the immune system to attack a deadly intruder. Although people still need further research, the mice of human cancer samples are successful. This is the most common form of tumor that occurs in many organs and tissues.

"Even when most cancer cells are destroyed, fibroblasts can preserve the remains of these cells and help them recover and restart," says Dr Curie Fischer, author of the study.

"So far, there are no ways to kill cancer cells and fibroblasts, so the rest of the body is not hurt, that is, the entire immune system is not damaged," he explains.

Symptoms of lung cancer that need attention. Photo-illustration: Profimedia

Although this technique is new, cancer-caused viruses have been tested for cancer treatment for some time in the treatment of patients with cancer. This new-generation technique uses the immune system as part of the treatment. Namely, inThe cord kills the cancer cells, and the resulting damage causes an immune response.

"We hope that the clinical studies of this modified virus will begin next year and that treatment will prove to be safe and effective for people's treatment," Fischer added.

The new discovery was published in the scientific journal "Cancer Research". The virus used is "equinox" which is specially designed to attack cancer cells, leaving healthy ones untouched. Once in the cell, the virus spreads and penetrates out of it and spreads to other cancer cells.

However, Dr. Fischer and his colleagues have succeeded in exploiting another feature of the virus that allows them insert the genes into the DNA infected cells of the diseased.

Fibroblasts are connective tissue cells, especially important for wound healing and maintenance of the cellular environment. A random attack on these cells can cause major damage throughout the body, and this directional treatment of the virus is a major step forward, which is a treatment.

Photo-illustration: Wikimedia / University of Michigan, Medical School of Information Services, Wikipedia / Indolences

Genetic cells inserted into cancer cells force them are beginning to produce a molecule "bispecific T-cell engagement" (BiTe) which acts as a glue for fibroblastomas and key units of the immune system called T-cell or "killer cell". They detect defective cells and destroy them, and once the tumors begin to produce BiTe and seal fibroblasts, the immune system warns that a larger tumor appears.

"We used the virus on the device so BiTe will start to produce only in infected cells and nowhere else in the body," says Dr. Joshua Friedman, one of the authors of the study.

– The BiTe molecule is so powerful that it can activate immunity in a cell that is infected by cancer and thus attacks fibroblasts – explains.

Doctor Michelle Locke of the UK Cancer Research Center, who did not work on the study, says this is indeed great discovery.

– The results observed on human cells are promising, but the procedure is very complicated. One of the major challenges of immunotherapy is to anticipate how the treatment will work together with the immune system of the patient and what are the potential consequences – adds Loki.

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