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"Napoli announced me dead, the director defeated and the doctor destroyed his career"

Jonathan De Guzman of Eintraht shocked the whole story that his doctor in Naples destroyed his career, he was beaten by the club director and was considered dead.

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In March 2015, he began to feel strange belly pain. He went to Alfons De Nicholas, then to the club, and was abolished by carbohydrates and recommended rest.

Rafa Benites' coach told him after a while to go with another doctor, but the club stopped him because De Nikola had the right to decide.

Although the player still did not feel well, De Nikola said he was ready for training and released him on the pitch, and then Mauricio Sari and new sports director Cristiano Đuntoli appeared in the club.

"I am a player who runs 10 kilometers in the game, but if I have only six, half the strength, then the coach will not want me in the team Napoli does not believe that I'm hurt, I can walk and run, but I can not turn back I thought I had to to think that I invented it and that everything is in my head, so often I was told that I was beginning to doubt my signals sent by my body. – says De Guzman in an interview for the Dutch De Voltskskrant.

At the end of the August transition period he negotiated with Bournemouth and Sunderland, but first he wanted to regain his strength in Naples, so he went. So he agreed with his managers in the Netherlands.

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It was not the same thought about Giunthola who found him at the club on September 1 and was angry because he still sees De Guzmana, who was told beforehand that he will not play.

"I was in the dressing room, he called me" go * no "to get lost in the player's living room, he said I promised to leave, although I did not do it Suddenly he hit me in the face to fight, we chased chairs, then my teammate Kamil Zuniga he joined us and separated us, he told me to collect everything together and go home. "
says De Guzman.

After returning home, he met a club doctor who asked him what he had done.

"I'm not ready for you"
– De Guzman replied, after which the fitness trainer told him that he can only run around the whole complex.

"I tried to call Aurelius De Laurentis, the president, but there was no answer." Edoardo De Laurentis, his son, came and said to me, "You are not going anywhere, you stay here, and you are dead for us." I thought I was completely lost. They did not help me. If they try, the club will sanction them. "I wanted to train individually, but where would I go? Everyone knows the players in Naples"
says the Dutchman.

Only a few months later, he was allowed to travel to another doctor, Mengia, who said he had a sports hernia and suggested surgery, which the club doctor refused.

The footballer and his manager went to Denmark after the third opinion.

"Ten minutes!" After ten minutes I realized that it was a hernia and that I needed surgery. "But De Nicholas again said" no ", he did not believe in the surgical option and allegedly did not want to be the one who would ruin my career",
De Guzman complains.

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It was only when he entered the Carpathian Mountains that he got the green light to perform the operation in Munich. After six months of inactivity to surgery, his body was weak and the injuries began to calm down.

"I came back to Napoli in 2016, and Sari said I have to prove he is a good trainer, he shows it now at Chelsea, everything in Naples was great, from fans to the training center, with the exception of a few people, hard work, I understand, but this treatment is inhumane " says the Dutch footballer.

After another loan in Kjevo, he left for Germany, where he now plays with three Serbs: Luka Jovic, Mijat Gacinovic and Filip Kostic.

He won the German Cup with the team from Frankfurt.

"Napoli was a dark chapter and I want to leave it behind in this conversation. I love this game very much, otherwise I would not take around six months with an empty training center at the age of 28. There is a player who is completely broken, you do not see what's going on a player who does not play, nobody is interested in. Clubs have their own way of communicating with the player, and now it is my turn "
De Guzman stated.

In 2014-2017 he was a Napoli player, but he repaid part of his time in Kjevo and Carpi. He played only 36 appearances in competition and scored seven goals and three assists in the team Napoli. With Napoli there was no answer for De Voltskskrant

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