Saturday , October 23 2021

Nadezhda told her what Luna had done for her, and the cameras did not record, and she discovered that she would complain about it! | Telegraph


Singer Nadezda Biljić, who escaped from the Cooperative, sued Luna Cogani for alleged physical violence, although nobody saw her in front of the cameras.

Nadezhda claims that when quarrels argue with her, she made her outfit, and as evidence she had to look for a snapshot of the situation.

"The moon caught me in the heat, I had an inner blade, no one saw him, because he appeared after two days," said Nadezhda, adding that Luna only plays the victim:

Luna, Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Official

– The fact that Luna jumped over the security, that she would joke me and shout at me, of course I would return her. I understand why she defends her brother and I would jump for someone who attacks him. But if she and my brother were together, like me, with her and watched him as a family member, I would both take my hand and take me to the pub and tell them to talk until they solve the problems. In the foreground, the cooperative 1 is that it is a victim, and all other aggressors can tell mom and dad.

– I consulted with the judge to see what the law says and bring a lawsuit against anyone who offended me, cursed and threatened me, and on the moon. There are nice recordings for Jutno, I have evidence "- says Nadezhda.

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