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Millions of prostitutes for money! The retired lawyer discovered all the perversions of the bed, here's how much she was paid!


26.04.2015. 22:00


Miliana, photo: screen for printing

The passions between Miliana Boganovic and Aleksandar Pogajaja did not calm down, and everything first happened with a light foreplay between these two pairs – read more HERE here.

In the afternoon in the solarium, there was a hot spring action, where Pogajai did not restrain himself, and without fear of conscience, he headed towards Milijan – read more HERE here.

Miliana Bogdanovic

Miliana Bogdanovic, Photo: printscreen

Millions behind them had a very past past covered with the snake's leg, and he did not want to speak about the details in public. An elderly gentleman came to the AloRug portal and handed out shared photos of him and Bogdanovic in challenging poses. Because of his anonymity, the image for now will not see the light of the day.

Miliana and Milojko

Miliana and Milojko, Photo: YouTube screen

– What can I tell you ?! Millions are a real fire. I am an elderly person, I almost retire, but I am still vital and mobile. I was with her 3, 4 years, now I do not remember well. I know for certain that he is not a minor. We accidentally met in a café, then tried to find my phone number, because I was a respected lawyer. – he started the story of the former boyfriend of Millian and added:

– We met several times and at that moment I noticed that it is quite maritime. We slept together, and then I decided that I was excellent with her in a relationship. At the beginning of the trial, I gave money. From 50 to 100 euros as I have and as it is revealed at that moment. She often bought shoes for that money, and then praised me with the same piece of clothing – said a renowned lawyer for the portal and continued with the story:

Miliana and Pogega

Miliana and Pogega, Photo: YouTube screen

– I did not pay it as a prostitute, but little I used some of her services. The fact that I gave the money, it was from the heart. Her parents are poorly positioned. And I'm not telling what kind of perversion she loves. I wanted the most when I hit it dangerously. But, of course, the rest of the story is not for the public – the old gentleman concluded for the portal "".

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