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Miljoko OFFICIALLY ACKNOWLEDGE VARDIBU with Millian, ran in Pogega in her lap and brought out SHOCKING INFORMATION!


27.04.2015. 07:17

Miliana and Milojko

Miliana and Milojko, Photo: YouTube screen

Miliana Bogdanovic once again shocked the public when she traced the information that she was in connection with a man who gave his money for sexual services.

She denies this in a few minutes, and then confessed:

"Well, I was not a lawyer, but with the husband of a lawyer!" HERE reads what Miliana said about prostitution!

Alexander Pozhgai added that this man enabled Milojko to take a loan in Switzerland. Billion then sat on the poreg's wing, after which Milojko said:

Milijana Milojko Couples

Milijana Milojko Couples, Photo: screen for printing

"We broke up, it's over. Go, if you want to fuck you, you will not, Marsh," exclaimed Milojko, and smiled continually. HERE to see the great action of Miliana and Pogega!

"I've seen everything and everything, but I never saw such a dog," said Milojko later, Vesna Rivas.

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