Monday , June 21 2021

Miljana did not see her sons before the BEKSTVO Marija Kulic did not show up in the DISCOVER program where she is

Milijan Kulic, Marija Kulic, Lazar Colic ZolaPhoto: Printscreen / RAS Serbia

After learning that she won only 34 per cent of the votes of the audience, Millina Kulic could not calm down, because she realized that people did not like much, so she decided to invite her fiancée Zola to leave the show.

Photo: Printscreen / youtube

Milija Kulic and Lazar Colic Zola escaped from the show of the program "Cooperative 2" yesterday, while Miljana did not turn to her son at any moment, whom she could take out from the ria.

Photo: screenshot tv pink / screenshot

As we have recently written, the Rial left Clara, who guarded the little Zeljko, so now he is also the mother of Miljan, Marija Kulic.

Many wondered why Mary was absent from the meetings and lived alive in the program, and she was discovered from a well-informed source close to production, always with a little Zeljko in a separate section that was made from the very beginning for him. Maria is the one who is worried about him now, because his mother left her in the ria.

Photo: private archive / RAS Serbia

Miljana and Zola went to Zola's friend after leaving rialici "Cooperative 2", where they publicly announced, for which you can read more about HERE.

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