Sunday , October 24 2021

Look at Kareljin and Popova


At the beginning of the meeting in the Secretary General of the President of the Republic, Andrić Vučić said that the visit of Russian athletes was a great honor for him.

He said that Kareljin and Popov were probably among the top ten athletes of all time in the world and added that Kareljin was only defeated in two matches by mistake, and that he won in 800 matches, and Popov won many medals in Atlanta and Barcelona.

"Kareljin is otherwise called" Alexander the Great "or" Russian Bear "or" Rabbit in the world "," said the president, adding that he did not know exactly all the victories of both athletes, but remember that the Serbs have cheered for them.

The president said that Serbia wants to cooperate with them in various databases and reminded that Kareljin has a significant political career, that is, he is an outstanding member of the United Russia, with whom he has a clear cooperation.

"I would not like to have Kareljin's opponent for the opponent, so I will try to make Serbia my side, I am proud that they love Serbia and I hope that they will come to Serbia more often and have more ideas for our close cooperation," said Vucic .

Vucic asked Russian athletes to help Serbian sports, wrestling and swimming, so that Serbian athletes could win medals as they once did.

"Our Greco-Roman wrestlers are successful, we get more and more medals, we are building a new center in Belgrade, and the state is investing more and more, we have great people – Greek wrestlers, but we must increase our free style," said Vucic.

Kareljin said their visit to Serbia was private and thanked the Serbian president for taking the time to meet them.

"It means solidarity and friendship for us, and our wrestler believes we have friends in our lives and there are opponents on earth," Kareljin said.

He added that the Russian clubs cooperated with Serb and reminded that Partizan and Noviosibirsk Dynamo were competitors in the European championship competition.

"I must admit that Partizan won then, and our hospitality was reflected in the fact that we gave victory to dear guests," said Kareljin, which the Serbian president pointed out that the partisans would be more pleased with the victory if they knew that Karelian was simply from Novosibirsk.

Kareljin announced that the "Friendship Tournament" will take place on November 7 in Novosibirsk, where apart from sports competitions there will be a wide range of events, including a business forum, cultural events …

The Serbian delegation to Novosibirsk will have about 60 members.

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