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Lebron James, Los Angeles Lakers: 51 points in Miami VIDEO

Lebron James came to Hollywood this year after 15 years in the East and at first it seemed that the hoops are smaller on the opposite side of the United States.

"King" was in the first six games in the Los Angeles Lakers jersey, the third played from the pompously announced entry to the NBA league in 2003, 7 from first 35 three point attempts (20%) and only won two victories with the new coach Luc Volta and coaches.

That this tireless diesel engine, in the meantime, is ready, warmed up and running, recently says not only about James' games, but also about the results of the Lakers, the first team he managed to win in Miami since he left Hit in 2014 and returned to Cleveland Cavaliers.

James in Lakers: 27.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, 7.4 assists

James in the NBA career: 27.3 points, 7.2 rebounds, 7.6 assists

The former idol of Florida franchise fans scored 51 points in the El-Eye victory of 97: 113when digging 6/8 for three points (75%).

If it was not just one of those days when the best players around the world go to the end, they also talk about a few simple and complex statistical categories, and we compare only the two mentioned at the beginning of the text – in the last six games it was shocking 23/44 for three (52.3%) 14/20 in victories over Miami and the Portland Trailblazers, or the defeat of Orlando Medzik.

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James scored 19 points in the first quarter, kicking 8/10 in the match.

The second best-selling series won five games in this period and seven of the last nine.

Before leaving for the East, James placed 44 points in Portland, kicking the 3/6 trophy (83%).

"My environment is a basketball and hoop, it's my comfort zone"– James said, when asked about the ruthless approach to the room, which along with Dwyane Wade, Chris Boss and others, defended the four seasons and during this time suspended the two championship flags under their treasuries.

"It's always nice to be here, come back and see all the familiar faces, we have not really good and some really good moments, I have a lot of respect for the passion and love that these people in Miami feel, especially those who work in the hall. "said James, who was helped by Kentavijus Kaldvel-Poup with 19 points from the bench.

The other reserve team scored seven together.

In the Hit ranking, which is 6-10 in the southeast, Wayne Elington of 19 and Josh Richardson or Tyler Johnson at the age of 17 were the most effective.

nikola vučević vucevic
Photo: AP Photo / Willie J. Allen Jr.

Not far from here, also in Florida, Nikola Vučević still interrupted everything in front of him, and the new party of decent titles of the players of the week confirmed that at the beginning of the seventh season in the strongest league in the world really feel the team leader.

uz 28 points 10 jumps and 9 help from the Montenegrin center, the victory of Orlando Medzik over New York was out of the question – 131: 117.

Vučević has already overtaken James and the Lakers in Miami with 36 points and 13 rebounds, announcing this, throwing Joel Embiday 30 points with eight rebounds in a winning match against the Philadelphia Seventisiksers. Orlando was in a series of seven wins in nine games and broke into the lead with a score of 9-8, ahead of Charlotte Hornets, who are 7-8.

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Minnesota – Memphis 87: 100
/ Tauns 15, 20 sk, 2 as – Gasol 26, 13 sk, 3 as /

Miami – LA Lakers 97: 113
/ Richardson 17, 6th sk – James 51, 8th sk, 3 as /

Orlando – New York 131: 117
/ Vucevic 28, 10 sk, 9 as – Kanter 21, 19 sk, 3 as /

Washington – Portland 109: 119
/ Ubre 19, 4 sk, 4 as – Lilard 40, 6 sk, 5 as /

San Antonio – Golden State 104: 92
/ Oldridge 24, 18 sk, 3 as – Dariusz 26, 10 sk, 6 as /

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