Thursday , October 21 2021

Lazar Markovic Zvezda – Liverpool announces on Twitter


Liverpool striker Lazar Markovic denies that he "laughed" Red Star's victory over his team in the Champions League.

Lazar Markovic
Photo: MN Press

Lazar Markovic, Liverpool player, was attacked by the critics of English club fans, because he pointed out that he liked the announcement of the famous triumphant David Vujanic, who after the Red Star victory over Liverpool in the Champions League set Serbian flags and red heart.

Markovic "laughed" because of this Vujanica statement, and it was also seen by Liverpool fans who condemned Serbian footballer for this gesture, they found him very unprofessional, disgraceful and disloyal to the club that gives him a salary.

"He's just leaving," "Get away from the club," messages have been sent to him by some Liverpool fans, the club Lazar Markovic was tied up with.

This news was also published by the MONDO website, and there were fans of the Red Star in the comments, who explained that Markovic was "always a fan of the stars" and condemned the English.

Markovic, however, condemned both.

In his Twitter account, he announced that he had "brightened up" the Vujanica statement only for Serbian flags and that there was no other reason.

"Dear people, I am a former Partizan player and his big fan. Therefore, it is obvious that I did not jump into the home of happiness because of the victory of the Red Star. Especially not against Liverpool"wrote Markovic.

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