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Juventus is dead! They killed him in the idea of ​​the mad Atalanta and dismissed Duvan Sapata (VIDEO)

Juventus is dead! They killed him in the idea of ​​the mad Atalanta and dismissed Duvan Sapata (VIDEO)

And the people in Juventus play. And they can lose. And they can be overcome. Even humiliated! What all of Italy did not believe this season has to believe from tonight. Juventus will not defend the double crown because the myth of Bianconero's immortality was interrupted by the spectacular Atalanta and goalkeeper Duvan Zapata.

With two goals from the Colombian defender, Atalanta kept the football time in Juventus, scattered it with 3-0 in small pieces and climbed into the semi-finals of the Cup of Italy, where Fiorentina is waiting to wipe out the road with the Roma.

What a team, this is Atalanta! What is pressing, what kind of football is. They can not win anything, but they are scared for the eyes of every fan of football. Like Parma from the nineties, only a much poorer and more romantic. There's nothing strange in Juventus's tonight tonight … When Atalanta has his day, he can take care of anyone. "Gapsonson" For some time the company played the most beautiful football in Italy, and it was thick tonight in the shadow of the skin that felt the all-powerful Juventus with all the invisible Christiano Ronaldo. They do not know what they did …

Juventus without injury Mandjukica i Bonucia, and Panjik who was on the bench, did not look like him. He did not create a 100% chance of a goal. Atalanta killed him with a press conference. Even when he was injured in the middle of the first half Kelly and had to be replaced, Juventus looked like a broken gang. Worse than at the weekend in these first 60 desperate minutes against Lazio. But this time they were not lucky to get out. Then Lazio missed, Atalanta was hitting tonight.

It comes back Kelly replacement Joao Cancello Atalanti gave the ball a 37th minute Timothy Castagne matirati Wife of Shchensky who until then had saved Juve.

Just two minutes later, sensational Tobacco Zapata as a bulldozer turned on the edge of the sixth and scored another blow in Juventus. Atleti Azuri's stadium is overturned! Atalanta smells like the defect of Juventus. Soon he is nervous Alegre due to the pressure from the judges.

Juve tried everything in the second half but did not create a human opportunity for a fantastic host. Everything Bianconeri managed to get from a few interruptions. Enough Zapata cut the dog to the desperate De Sila and with another goal in the match, he struck a clue in Juventus's most serious defeat in domestic competitions in recent years. Wonderful Colombian was the 17th goal in the last 10 games!

Atalanta is in the semifinals, and there are two great matches against the exciting Fiorentina.

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