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JOVAN ZASPAO ON THE WAVES Returning from the birthday party of his other "Mercedes", he WAS IN WOOD

jovan vojnović a private archive photoPicture: private archive

Jovan Vojnovic (18), a young man from Bajmok who died of serious injuries in a car accident, according to unofficial information, ran a white "Mercedes" that hit a tree. Most likely, an accident happened because John fell asleep at the wheel.

The accident took place on the road between the villages of Donji and Gornji Tavankut around 3.30, when Jovan and his peer B. R. from Tawankut returned from adulthood.

According to the first information from the investigation, Jovan was driving the Mercedes when he fell asleep while driving, thus losing control of the vehicle, drove off the road and hit the tree.

Since the impact force, young men received serious injuries. Jovan underwent hospital injuries, while his peer remains critical and his condition is monitored.

"A friend that we will never have"

As he learned, Blic, Jovan and B. R. participated together in a secondary agricultural school in Backa Topola, and their mutual friends from Jovan have only words of praise.

– He would keep an eye on the other one. We know nothing about the accident itself except that he was with another who comes from Tawankut and went to school with him. We know that they were at birthday, but where we do not know where we are. It's hard for us to believe that nothing more. He was a very good guy. You know those people who will do anything for you, and if you call them at midnight, "says John's friend, a young man from Bamako.

Vojnovic's parents also have an older son, and everyone who knows them says that "Jovan's departure is a huge loss for the family, Bajmok, but also much wider".

– We always leave the best. I guarantee life that he was the best young man in our country. It is sad that it disappeared. There is a lot of sadness and sadness when good people leave when you lose something valuable – Baitman tells us.

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