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Janakopoulos attacked the referee: We know everything, Olympiacos promised you the basketball money

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November 10, 2018 19:28 |

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The first man Panathinaikos brought a series of accusations at the expense of judge Troik Paterniko, Peres, Zamojski in a match against a large rival

The first Greek derby in the season Panathinaikos and Olympiakos ended with the victory of "green" 93:80. However, in the first half Kalates and his companions were behind, and for this result their club president Dimitris Janakopoulos blamed the referee trio (Paterniko, Peres, Zamojski).

He recalled a number of charges against the arbitrators' account after the first 20 minutes:

– We know everything, we know that Olimpijakos has promised you 20,000. And Poles, twenty thousand, and Italians, twenty thousand, only the Spaniard is honest. We'll tell Bertomeu everything.

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The judges also stated that the first order consistently came up with sharp curses.

The controversial Greek had previously problems with the judges, which threatened to be beaten, accusing him of furniture, curses. He said he would leave the Euroleague, move to the FIBA ​​Champions League, publicly stated that Bertomeu was a thief and gangster …

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