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Internet Politics – By Changing Behavior in the Rule of Law


As a society that sings “God of Justice”, it is up to us to decide whether to build a society of justice that can be achieved by changing the behavior of all – those in public office must respect what is written in the law, and all of us as citizens we do not like it, says Gordana Komic, Minister of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue. She points out that her ministry is a tool that will enable everything that is negative in the field of human and minority rights to change for the better, and the most important thing is to have a dialogue in society and adds: “I have no reason not to believe that it is possible. in a very short time. “That’s why I accepted this job.”

You are a big surprise in government, how did that happen?

The necessity of establishing the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue is a consequence of the great problems that Serbia has in the reports of the European Commission, the awareness and consent of the ruling party, especially the Prime Minister and President of Serbia, that it will be a tool for change. My wish and goal is to fulfill the plan that I presented to the Committee of the Assembly, which was accepted, in one year …

Who invited you?

The joint decision is …

Someone had to call you, who?

There was a political agreement between the Prime Minister and the President of Serbia and it is up to the Prime Minister to propose such a ministry in her government.

Your wish is for human rights to become a daily topic, but the problem here is that there is no awareness of obligations and that one person’s right is limited to the rights of others, how do you intend to change that?

The organizational unit for social dialogue in the ministry will deal with the ongoing dialogue for which human rights are being violated. The conversation about human rights will be at the same time a conversation about deleting a sentence – we have good regulations, but there is no political will for their application. When the law is passed, it must apply to everyone and it must be applied, and there will be some that will prohibit behavior based on prejudice. It is a list of obligations that we need to learn together that at the same time we have the right means to have an obligation.

As an experienced politician, you know that the same rules do not apply here to politicians and ordinary citizens, an ordinary citizen will be punished for breaking the law, but, for example, no government will punish an oppositionist for not being accused of political persecution. ..

The law can and must apply to everyone. As we measure ourselves with the index of inequality before the law, for the fifth year in a row we had negative assessments in the reports of the European Commission. People in public affairs must understand that they can not comment on the media or court proceedings, use speech that is rubbish and verbal violence, we must not divide people before the law. Everything is in our regulations and the Ministry will work to show first that its representatives adhere to the rule of law. Only in this way can the citizens feel the reduction of total injustice. We all have a choice in public affairs – either we will change our behavior and throw negative assessments in the EC reports, or everything will remain the same, and then Serbia will hear in English or German that it has done nothing more and that it is a society of injustice.

You were both the government and the opposition, do you honestly believe that we can move from the point where a politician, especially an oppositionist, is allowed to break the law so that he will have no argument to complain about?

We must move, because that point is a trap into which the whole of society is locked. Going out is only possible if we all change our behavior in public office. It is not so difficult, if we all understand how well we can bring to all the people in Serbia, if we make minimal efforts.

How were you received at the session of the relevant committee, because until yesterday you were sitting on the bench of the opposition in the parliament?

I listened very carefully to all the deputies, which probably encouraged them to deal with the topic, ie the plan proposed by the ministry. People feel your goodwill when you leave room for what I call the well-being of doubt. I fully believe that they can not stand me and do not think anything good of me, but they feel when you leave room for conversation between the ministry, as someone who is under the control of the board and the assembly and those who have the right to control, then they will discuss the topic. We will not waste time telling me why I am not tolerated or gossiping about the problem, but, as it started, we will notice that Roma have some problems, that national councils of national minorities have a problem with funding, that dialogue on anti-discrimination laws is needed …

You have always been a member of the Assembly, you mostly remember the punishment for the MPs, but you could interrupt the ministers if they quarrel with the MPs and criticize them very sharply if they avoid coming to the Assembly, because they have a problem. Can You Have a Problem Coming to the Congregation?

The only thing that can stop me is death, and that is mine. Ministers must respect the assembly, as an institution above them according to the constitution and the law. That control function is conveniently missing. It is built together. I am looking forward to the procedure regarding the first laws that the Ministry will propose, the law on gender equality, to show that there can be a political culture and dialogue. I myself know that I will never get out of the obligation set before me in the assembly according to the rules of procedure and I know that by heart.

When can the law on gender equality be expected?

Well, we want him to go through the whole procedure, from the draft through social dialogue and public debate, to the proposal that the government will make and send the proposal to the assembly. Before the start of the parliamentary debate, there would be another round of dialogue, because the law should crown the injustices suffered by women in society. It is important to show that it will be applied and each provision will be explained.

You also announced the law on same-sex partnership, do you believe that it can pass in our environment at this moment?

There is a minority, which according to the constitution and the laws has a guaranteed right to life in the community, but can not exercise them, despite the fact that according to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination they have different rights. And there must be dialogue about that. Anti-discrimination laws are difficult in every society, for me the Law on Gender Equality has been removed from the agenda of the Assembly three times. Go hard, ask people to change their behavior. You do not have to love someone because they are gay, but you can not harass them for it, just as you can not harass someone because they are Roma, a woman, a journalist, another political party, because anti-discrimination laws forbid it. In such a society, everyone is more comfortable, there are human rights in it.

Do you have support for that law?

I have for the whole plan of the ministry, there is consent from both the Prime Minister and the ruling party. If you do not plan what the Ministry proposed to the board and the board accepted, then you do not have the tools to eliminate the negative EC assessments in the report. It’s that simple.

You said that the ministry has nothing to do with inter-party dialogue and the description of its work states a dialogue with the civil sector, but here the problem is inter-party dialogue. Can the ministry do anything about it?

Political dialogue is not the responsibility of the National Assembly and the European Parliament. The Ministry must not interfere here, even if I wanted to, and there is no reason to want it, because the political and trade unions are beyond our competence. You must not go beyond your competencies, because that is the rule of law. The ministry can participate in the dialogue between European and Serbian parliamentarians only at their request. If they want us to do something, to save some data, whatever, we are obliged to do it, but we must not take part in that dialogue. I strongly believe that there will be a political dialogue between Europe and Serbia at the level of parliaments.

Your position has been sharply criticized, among others, and Professor Vesna Rakic ​​Vodinelic said that you and Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic are looking for an excuse not to have that in shifting responsibility for inter-party dialogue?

I have no excuses. I favor the suspicion that there is a misunderstanding in the statements of those who should be legally understood, or those who are directly responsible for political dialogue. I do what I am responsible for.

About insults and “flying over”

As a politician, you have never insulted anyone, how did you experience terrible insults for entering the government?

As a token of gratitude, because all people who use verbal violence and personal discredit unintentionally participate in building the rule of law, along with me, which I do on purpose. The Law on Information states that the elected, appointed and appointed person is obliged to silently submit criticism for his work, no matter how offensive …

They did not criticize your work, it is about personal insults, how did you experience being classified as a flyer, compared to Marinik Tepic, even though you were in one party all your political life, while she changed four parties in one term, where did you “fly”?

I did not fly anywhere. I was expelled from the DS on May 13 this year and I will no longer be a member of any party. That’s the part of my political life I use Shakespeare’s sentence for – it remains silent. I am grateful for the comments people use, because by keeping silent, and they have the right to say what they want, the rule of law is being built. That is important for Serbia.

Did at least one of your comrades, a friend from yesterday, invite you to support you?

Support is important and enjoyable, but more important is the belief that what you are doing is right and that you expect nothing more than to growl at the enemy and keep your friends silent. My beliefs are always the same – I fight for the EU, for the rule of law, for the development of democracy … The place I fought for has changed – it has been a street for a very long time, an assembly for a very long time, now it is the executive. I do not change, I know what I believe.

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