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Stadium: Gradski, Uzice No spectators

Referee: Danilo Grujic

Zlatibor (4-2-3-1): Cubrakovic – Islamovic, Jezdimorovic, Stamenkovic, Andjelkovic – Radovic, Krstic – Janjic, Djakovac, Petronijevic – okokic.

Red Star (3-4-2-1): Borjan – Erakovic, Pankov, Degenek – Gobejic, Petrovic, Nikolic, Spiridonovic – Vukanovic, Radulovic – Boaci


45th minute – Great chance for Zvezda, Nikolic simply went to the first five of Zlatibor, waited for the goalkeeper Ljubrakovic to fall, and then reacted nonchalantly, so the home goalkeeper managed to intervene and save the goal.

39th minute – Spiridonovic shot from about 16 meters, defended by Ljubrakovic. 37th minute – Vukanovi обиде tried with a shot from about 25 meters, the ball whistled past the goal from the post of Zlatibor.

30th minute – The first yellow card of the match was earned by the football player of Zlatibor Radovi кој who incorrectly stopped Petrovi на on the counter.

21st minute – Petrovic shot with his head, Ljubrakovic defended.

18th minute – GOOOAL! Richmond Boachi is the scorer. The ball bounced happily from Panlov to the red and white striker, who had no difficulty scoring a goal from a few meters. Earlier, Spiridonovic took a free kick from the right side.

16th minute – Boachi hits the crossbar! A big breakthrough by Gobeljic on the right side after the ball was taken by Pankov, Boaci shot with his head, but the ball ended up on the crossbar.

11th minute – So far the most interesting situation of the match, Zlatibor had a free kick from about 20 meters, Krstic shot but the living wall did its job. 7th minute – the first somewhat more organized attack on Zvezda. Vukanovic decided to add Spiridonovic in a situation where he could have shot himself. In the end, nothing dangerous for the goal of the home team. 6th minute – The first corner of the game, but without a chance for Zlatibor. 4th minute – It is interesting that Zvezda received the last goal from Zlatibor in the Cup match. Since then, the network has been idle for 400 minutes. 3rd minute – Krstic tried a shot, but without danger for Borjan’s goal.

The head of the professional staff of the red and whites, Dejan Stankovi,, points out that he will not be able to count on six important first team players, that the players’ costs are high, but that he is not looking for an alibi and that the players who go out know what to do:

“The team from Zlatibor last time seriously bothered us, even though we had possession and many chances that we did not use. Football is like that, they shot twice and scored our goal. We worked hard to turn the score around and it is certain that we will enter the game in the same way as here in Belgrade. We will win from the first minute, I know it will be difficult for us. We are professionals, fatigue is present, but every match is a new challenge and we have to go for new victories and I will always start with the best possible team. Ivanic, Rodic, Ben, Pavkov, Gavric and Katai will not play against Zlatibor. These are six very important players, plus the guys who went against Hoffenheim. Let’s see, we have a training where we will set up a team for Zlatibor. We went after the European game, the health bulletin is not great, we have problems, but I still stand behind my words. I am not looking for an alibi and whoever goes out on the field knows what is imperative. Let’s see how we play. Maybe it will be two jumps, maybe three. We have to see how it feels, and then we will “make” a team. When you are in Red Star, you do not choose goals, it is important, of course, to be first on the table, to show the maximum on all three fronts. I think we are on the right track, we enter every match to the maximum and we knew what we had to do. Success goes to the boys, because we started in July, we have a lot of games in the legs. The road is difficult in itself, a lot is played, eight or nine matches a month. “It is not easy to play in Zvezda because you have to constantly prove yourself from game to game and it is never the end, which I like.”

The head of the professional staff of the home team, Zoran Jeeшush, points out that the red and whites are efficient both at home and abroad, so it is necessary to find an adequate answer to their way of playing:

“We had personnel problems, the boys were worn out in that Cup match against Red Star. I do not believe that Zvezda will change anything in the game against us, in our league they always play the same, attacking both as a guest and as a host, scoring many goals. We also saw against many teams that they scored three or four goals on each side. We try to properly prepare and respond to their way of playing. They have quite a large selection of quality players and a pretty good bench. As for our series that was interrupted in the last round, you can not win every game. Metalac was much better than us in some segments of the game, in the midfield and in the final. We didn’t succeed there a bit, we had some of our chances to score, but this time we failed. Of course, we are in the relegation zone, and the schedule is a bit more difficult now. Zvezda is coming to us, so we are going to Radnicki from Nis, who has been having bad results lately. In the last round, Macva comes to us, everyone thinks that Macva is written off, but I do not believe, they play good football. Every point is important for us, and the opponents who are our competitors have matches, I do not believe that they will win easily. We believe we can win a few more points by the end, that’s for sure. The colder weather has started and every day you can expect a player to come to you before training and say, I have a cold, I can not train, then he needs to do a test, and it is not that we really have suitable replacements and a long bench, to put football, especially with young bonus players. “We have problems there, but what is there, we have to deal with this situation.”

The match between Zlatibor and Red Star will start at 16:00.

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