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How to deal with the disease or the fact that someone is nearing you badly? | Telegraph

No one can do anything for us at the moment we learn that we are seriously ill or are sick by some of our loved ones. Here we are talking about serious diseases that change life from the root. Many patients or family members of the sick remember each second well and every thought passing through the head when they learn about the disease


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When this happens, family support is of paramount importance, as well as an attempt to rationalize the situation in which they are located, participants of the fourth debate "The coffee with a psychologist", which took place on Wednesday at Dorkkol Place. The theme of the workshop, organized by the Hemofarm Foundation, was this time "How to deal with the disease or the fact that someone is your close ill?".

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The importance of family support

With today's pace and the challenges of life, it's hard to fight even when we are healthy. Most people either do not want to "know what's right with him" or say that he has no time to go to a doctor, and prevention does not go to the annual planner of our people. The doctor goes only when the worst happens. Psychologist Tamara Klikovac said that all people and their families are different and that they react differently to the disease. "The psychological council would be not to isolate, not to withdraw, but to connect, to engage in different patient associations and to seek appropriate forms of psychological, psychosocial help and support available in our community," Klikovac said .

Tamara Klikovac worked for 16 years at the Institute of Oncology and Radiology at the Department of Pediatric Oncology, and her job was to provide psychological help to people before being told to suffer from severe illness or follow them through different stages of treatment . "It's a good thing for me that people know how people react when diagnosed, in this case a malignant disease, as much as it is for them, above all, shock and stress that develop in a crisis situation and can be a traumatic life experience in depending on how it is announced, "she said.

The important moments that determine the psychological response to the face of the disease are, for example, the methods and methods of treatment. "Sometimes invasive surgical methods of treatment are recommended, which include amputation of certain parts of the body, which is again an additional trauma and which makes people very difficult to face because they completely change the way of life and the way of daily functioning," added Klikovac.

She thinks psychologists' advice is useful because, she added, people often need long-term psychotherapy in crisis situations. "I am sure that this psychological help and support helps them to emotionally stabilize, try to rationalize the situation, make certain decisions and make certain choices, as well as to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem," Klikovac said.

The importance of prevention

As far as we are talking about prevention and its importance, most people say that there is no time to go to detailed or systematic reviews.

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During the eight-month battle with a malignant disease, Dobrivoja Stepanovic met, he says, many who, similarly, suddenly received the disease. A routine examination sent to him by an insurance company resulted in a terrifying diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. As in his case, additional analyzes have shown that this is a potentially aggressive form of the disease, in which the likelihood of return after chemotherapy is high, a stem cell transplantation is recommended at Dobrivoy. As a participant in the forum, Dobrivoje shared his life story with the attendees and stressed the importance of the support he had in his immediate family and colleagues, as did doctors, he unconditionally believed throughout the entire treatment process.

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Journalist Gorica Nesovic, who recently diagnosed diabetes, pointed to the importance of prevention, which, she added, does not last long and means a lot. "When you see that it's somewhere to write, we measure the blood sugar level, we go in. It lasts 15 seconds, it does not hurt anything, and you will learn a lot about your health. I never measured blood sugar and when I measure, late for any kind of prevention, "she added.

Prevention is half the health, so plan a systematic review and take one or two days in a crowded schedule. It will mean for you.

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