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How Does a Moderate Alcohol Drink Affect Your Body?

Even moderate alcohol consumption increases blood pressure and anxiety for the development of modern moves, contrary to previous claims that one to two drinks per day have a vital role for the heart, they have established nails in a large study, the results of which have been published in the scientific journal Lancet.

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Photo: olgasweet / depositphotos

Photo: olgasweet / depositphotos

The new knowledge destroys everything that previously caught us for "two or three alcoholics a day," which, as you say, suffocates the heart, the BBC reports.

British and Chinese unusual diseases have been observed for more than a decade by 500,000 Chinese nationals in ten years, but claim that the findings are relevant to all populations and that they are the best evidence of direct alcohol intake.

It is generally known that consuming large quantities of alcoholic diseases increases the risk of developing a stroke, but the question is whether it is healthy to drink moderate amounts of alcohol in general.

that research reveals?

Scientists from the University of Oxford, the University of Beijing and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences found that one to two drinks a day increase the risk of developing a modest stroke of 10 to 15 per cent, while four drinks a day increase the risk of a modest stroke of 35 percent.

For the purposes of the study, a pie was defined as – a small wine, one bottle of beer or one drink.

According to British scientists, during a modest stroke, 16 of 100 men and 20 of 100 men survived.

If participants in a group of 100 non-sleepers started consuming one or two alcohols daily, this percentage would increase.

"In the meantime, we are not aware of the fact that they drink about half a bottle of wine on a daily basis, and the risk of a fashion strike is generally increased by 38 percent," said Professor David Pighelalter of the University of Cambridge.

"It happens differently when it comes to taking statins," he explained.

Statins are medications that are prescribed to patients to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and to prevent potential deficiencies and stroke.

The professor says the study did not reveal any evidence that moderate alcohol consumption strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of a modal attack.

"We can not confirm the claims that wine and beer have an arboreal effect," said study author Professor Rhard Pete of Oxford University.

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Photo: draghicich /

Why the investigation was held in Asia?

Scientists believe that Asian countries are a good place to study the phenomenon of alcohol that affects people.

Namely, many Chinese people have a combination of genes that somehow discourage them from alcohol because their consumption makes them react, and after alcohol they feel bad.

When the Naunts compared the consumption of alcoholic beverages in China and the rest of the world, they discovered that every third Chinese did not drink and that alcohol was little consulted in China. Westerners in the world do not have the same genes, which makes it impossible to conduct a similar study.

Most studies are monitored, which makes it easy to assess which factors cause the disease.

"Genetic analysis has allowed us to understand the root of the relationship," says Dr. Aion Millwood, author of the study and epidemiologist at Oxford University.

Scientists report that after this research, I can say that they have clear evidence that even moderate drinking does not represent any protection from a modern stroke. On the contrary, if we drink one or two alcoholic drinks a day, we only increase the anxiety of the stroke.

Beating other scientists

It should be noted that the research has some limitations. First, it was conducted only with the Chinese population, and the nails mostly followed the effects on people who consume beer, and not wine, says Dr. Stephen Burgess of Cambridge University.

However, he adds that the study also includes parts of other long-term studies on the effect of alcohol consumption on the human body.

It states that the study shows that moderate intake of alcohol on the cardiovascular system does not profit, on the contrary, the risk of illness is increased.

"The risk of stroke increases proportionally to the amount of alcohol consumed, so if people go to drink alcohol, they need to limit their amount for health," he said.

British professor Kevin McConvey says the study provides insights into more information on how alcohol affects some diseases, but that this research can in no way be a definitive conclusion.

Professor David Pighelhalter of Cambridge says the study "has lost its temperament".

"So far, I was convinced that moderate consumption of alcohol suffers from cardiovascular disease, but now I doubt," he said.

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