Saturday , April 17 2021

Henry Lin, a propagandist of the idea of ​​hereditary factor as a cause of cancer, died

His research led some of them, including actress Ancelina Dolly, to double ablation or remove both breasts.

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Photo: depositphotos / vitanovski

Photo: depositphotos / vitanovski

US physician Henry Lin, who in the 1930s was the protagonist of the controversial idea that some forms of hereditary cancer died at the age of 92, says Creton University in the United States.

When Lin started his career, many natives thought that cancer was primarily a consequence of some environmental factor. Today, it is estimated that between five and 10 per cent of cancer is genetically inherited, according to the American Oncology Clinic Association.

Lin came to his conclusion to analyze the hereditary influence of some patients in Nebraska, where he worked in 1967. Over the years, he has reconstructed the history of cancer in more than 3,000 families, revealing that some forms of this disease are recurring for generations.

In 1984, the doctor named it "The Syndrome of Lynx" for the shape of colon cancer. He also first discovered the hereditary factor in some breast cancer and other forms of illness, which led some of them, including actress Andelina Dolly, to double ablation or removal of both breasts. "His work in this area has a major impact on early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer," the American Association for Oncology Clinics added.

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