Wednesday , January 27 2021

Firms of Vranje set fire trucks, says director – wants to scare entrepreneurs

After the burning of the property worth at least 600,000 euros, the construction company "5D" Vranjski, the owner of the company, Dalibor Ugricic for N1, says this is "part of the continuing intimidation of entrepreneurs after the tender in the south of Serbia to give up the business" .

He wants to ask the state and the institutions to pass the path of crime and looting in that part of the country, because, otherwise, entrepreneurs can only rings their companies.

In the asphalt base near Vranje, concrete and asphalt were manufactured yesterday and reviewed their quality for the needs of Corridor 10, the local roads, and two days ago they entered another big business in Vranje.

"We are supplying concrete for buildings for army and police officers, for apartments," said owner Dalibor Ugrkic.

One day after they got this job, three attackers fell on the construction site and as portraits connected to the film, put a gun on their head, and then almost every hour gasoline burned trucks, construction machinery, offices, warehouses and finally – asphalt base. For the owner, already known scenario.

"We are third, and some of our colleagues set fire to five vehicles, this is a warning that we are not doing this business to shut down businesses so that we can stay others at work." "We certainly did not mind al-Qaeda, but some robbers and criminals, enterprises," Ugricic said.

Thirty people who are directly dependent on whether this plant exists or not – come to work, but have nothing to do or work. Gas fires continue.

VranjeSource: N1

"They are frightening about security, and on the other hand, we have started construction sites and jobs where it is expected to come as soon as possible," said the head of the site, Sinisa Jankovic.

"We planned to hire twenty more employees this year, and now … I do not know what to do with these 30," added Ugricic.

Dalibor inherited business from his father, who remembers, without any subsidies, there are 70 or more families. But he hopes Serbia is a "rule of law".

"So, this is slowly becoming more and more South America, not southern Serbia," says Dalibor Ugrkic.

The guard, otherwise, an elderly man, for fear of his own, but, above all, the safety of his family – he did not want in front of the camera. On the spot, we learned that the three masked and armed men fell on the asphalt base, tied it, and then they started firing machines and buildings with gasoline. Police in Vranje told N1 that the investigation is ongoing, in cooperation with the competent Public Prosecutor's Office.

VranjeSource: N1

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