Tuesday , January 26 2021

Comments on “People who had coronavirus and took this vitamin got out of bed after three days”

  • Purple

    Vitamin D is very healthy to drink in winter. I give it to the child at night before going to bed, because the pharmacist told me that I should not give the child vitamin D and go out in the sun. For years I gave him vitamin D in the fall because it is a shorter day and there is not enough sunlight. I also take a supplement of capsules with cordyceps extract, because of the energy I always spend in the fall, and I also strengthen my immunity in a natural way.

  • Leave

    Dr. Nestorovic claims that from the very beginning, he simply had no one to listen to

  • A mile

    Native Americans are full of vitamin D all day in the sun, so they get sick again. The same goes for Africans. In Europe, almost the worst past Mediterranean peoples, who live with much more sunny days than others … Brazil also …

    • A mile

      @ A mile

      Anyone living in a country with very sunny days never goes out in the sun. Who else has seen Indian or African sunbathing. And while working in the field, they are covered and sheltered from the sun. Who else has seen a Greek or a Spaniard sunbathe? Only tourists do that !!!

  • Dr.

    A colleague from Pozarevac claims that this is nonsense! ?? And who to trust now!

  • Nemanja

    The man is that because he is right …

    • Gargamel

      @ Nemanja

      The man was paid by the pharmacy to win over their customers. If he talked about a healthy diet and which foods are the healthiest and how to consume, I would believe the story, but how this NO … I think it is impossible to impose an opinion that is not supported by evidence, but fear of disease, which is the case here.

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