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Chrome got dark mode |

Chrome 74 was officially released yesterday, April 24, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which introduced a new dark mode for users of the Windows 10 operating system. The same gloomy mode came last MacOS with Chrome 73, and the new update includes automatic Windows 10 support. This means that Chrome will automatically synchronize if dark mode is turned on in window settings 10. The end result is that Chrome looks almost identical to its incognito window.

Although Google allows this new dark mode in Windows, the company is not yet fully enabled for all Chrome users. "I can confirm that this feature is now available to a small number of Chrome M74 users and that the option will become more accessible in the near future," explains the Chrome community manager. Chrome 74 is available for download from the Google Chrome Web site or from Help> About Google Chrome> Updates if you already use the browser. If you have not yet received an update and do not want to wait for Google to fully enable this option, has a shortcut to activate dark mode, writes The Wing:

  • Find the shortcut you use to start Chrome and right-click the icon to open the properties
  • Add "-Forma-dark mode" to the end of the target place (without quotes)
  • Run Chrome and the dark mode will be enabled. If you normally start Chrome from the attached taskbar icon, you will need to right-click the undo button, then reattach the taskbar to hold it

This trick did not work for us, but we've automatically enabled the Chrome Update feature, so you'll need to try out the trick and let us know if your situation is the same. However, when you update Chrome to version 74 and still want to go back to light mode, press the Windows key on the keyboard and enter the text box "Color Settings", and click on this option. From there, scroll through the menu until you reach the section "Select the default application mode". here you go have the ability to switch between light and dark mode. Clicking on Dark will automatically set a dark mode for Windows, Chrome and any other applications that support the theme.

One thing to keep in mind, if you have a specific Chrome theme, is that the dark mode may look a little funny in that case on your computer. There may be elements that do not display a properly dark topic. Or you will have to deal with a strange design and wait for the programmer to update the theme or return to default Chrome, writes AndroidAuthority.

Chrome has always offered support for themes to provide some kind of dark mode, but this official mode now means that the context menus are properly tagged across the browser and you can properly read the download bar. Chrome 74 also includes a number of other changes that are not so obvious to be visible. The new Chrome 74 now disables animations that can cause dizziness and disgust in the user's work, and has a new flag that blocks sites from detecting an incognito mode.

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