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Chain catcher by Pupin & # 39; s Bridge due to wild boar Belgrade


V. N./Novosti online |

November 7 2018 21:17 |

In a car accident that took place in Belgrade, after Pupin & # 39; s Bridge, there were no injuries, this was confirmed by "Gazeta"

In the car accident that took place in Belgrade, on the Pupina bridge, there was no injury, this was confirmed by "Novostima".

As we found out, the incident took place on Wednesday evening, about 19.00, and according to unofficial information, the accident happened when the truck hit the boar.

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The truck apparently stopped abruptly, and then a car hit it, which was soon hit by another motor vehicle.

According to unofficial information, alleged traffic jams have been made in this part of the city.

Recall, former football player Red Star Dragan Mladenovic announced a month ago on the Facebook social network that hit a wild boar on the highway on the highway "Kvantash."

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