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Breast cancer can be prevented in 3 ways! BUSINESS CHANCE DECREASES IF YOU HEAR! | Fun

Simple lifestyle changes could prevent one in three breast cancers, which plagues many women annually, a recent study found.

Researchers at Jacksonville Clinic, Florida, say there are three simple and effective ways to prevent this serious illness, namely healthy eating, regular exercise and reduced alcohol intake.

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A team of US scientists has found that reducing weight by almost 50% also reduces the risk of cancer in women.

After lung cancer, breast cancer has killed most women in the world, most affected by people between the ages of 20 and 59 in the world. Studies have shown that postmenopausal women have a double risk of cancer if they have problems with obesity.

Estrogen levels in the body also play an important role when it comes to cancer. After menopause, this hormone produces fatty tissue, so obese women have a higher percentage of estrogen than lower ones.

Regular physical activity is directly linked to obesity. The more active we are, the more likely we are to maintain optimal body weight and therefore reduce the risk of cancer.

Regarding obesity, the situation with alcohol as one of the causative agents of this malignant disease is that you are somehow harmless. Numerous studies have shown that women who drink 2-3 alcoholic beverages a day increase their risk of cancer by 20 percent.

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