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An autopsy revealed something very strange in the Japanaca code


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The Japanese are one of the healthiest nations in the world, and the state of Ohio is the world's first in centuries. Year 2017. Recorded a record 67.482 centennial. Chihuah number has been growing for 47 years.

They are pretty healthy eating, low fat, have a great health system and generally pretty healthy.

Medjutim, obkos tome, scientists have determined to an eighth man in japan has a chronic kidney disease, which is one of the most common diseases of the world.

In a study conducted by the Australian Monash University, researchers analyzed the findings contradiction – health and disease Capanaca code.

On autopsy he analyzed 27 kidneys of the japan and found that they had significant nephrons in their own organism. Nephrons in Kidney Cells, Microscopic Filters that Extract Blood from Blood, Pre-Exhaustion in Urine.

What is nephrotic swelling, such as kidney malformations and the role of blood clots, resulting in various kidney disease, but it also has a wide range of health benefits, for example, high blood pressure, writes IFL Science.

In autopsies it is reported that kidney japan has an eye of 640,000 nephrons, for example Europeans with an average eye of 900,000 nephrons.

That is why there are so many explanations. Initially, the number of nephrons may be more or less bound to Japanese minorities. Osim Toga, a Swede who had his kidneys examined at birth for fourteen and fifty years spent centuries, and it was a time of great poverty and bad living conditions in Japan. Good nutrition for young mothers, it is possible to form allergens in the form of nephrons in the kidneys, according to a study in Kansas.

Researchers are on their way low nephron number It may help the doctor to predict hypertension and kidney disease, but it will require thought and analysis to be able to count, and previously one does not have to undergo surgery postoperatively.

Without a kidney, no human can live, so they manage a quantity of organisms in the electrolytic constituents and acidic body fluids, that is, the organism. By overseeing the amount of electrolyte (sodium) and body water, as well as regulating blood vessels, the kidneys serve as a key regulator of arterial pressure.

Osim Toga, kidney serves and u metabolism surveillance vitamin D. which is valid for proper maintenance of the costume, and is assisted by the hormone erythropoietin, which is produced by the kidney, and by the production and production of red blood cell erythrocyte. Kidney disease often develops slowly and slowly, leading to more severe renal impairment of renal function.

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