Sunday , April 18 2021

ALWAYS WORDS THE WORD, AND THE BEST WILL BE TODAY Which passes should be bypassed, where the roads are working, and where the BLACK DOOTS

    Batrovci Guzve at the border crossing Photo Nenad MihajlovicPhoto: Nenad Mihajlovic / RAS Serbia

As a rule, festivals will bring people to the borders and the roads, so it will be the same for the upcoming Easter and May Day. Here you can expect crowds, and which paths they choose to avoid.

According to the AMSS, many have entered the road already yesterday afternoon and evening, but the traffic density will intensify in the coming days. Namely, before us is the Easter weekend, after which only Tuesday is a working day, but many connected this Christian holiday with the first moment. Also, primary and secondary school students are up to 6 years old, in Vojvodina until May 2nd.

Thus, more and more traffic is expected to be directed towards tourist centers and excursions in Serbia, but also on the borders, both at the exit of our country and when entering, when our citizens living abroad will come to rest in their homeland.

There were no crowds on the walls on Thursday, they say from the AMSS, and they called on passengers to have an accurate toll fee so that the passage through heating ramps will remain unattainable.

Border crossings, cameras and alternative passages

The largest audience is expected on the highways to Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and, perhaps, Montenegro, the AASS says, and recommended the use of alternative border crossings.

On the border with Mashar, GP Kelebija and Backi Breg open 24 hours, the dispatchers of AMSS, Bajmok and Backi Vinohradi from 7 to 19 hours. You can use them as alternative options to avoid the often burdened Horgos.

Alternative border crossings for Croatia recommended by the Auto Association are Shid, Backa Palanka, Ljuba, and they work 24 hours.