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Alpha Romeo Tonale will be a full blown PHOTO

One of the most anticipated new models at the Triathlon is the Alfa Romeo Crossover Tonale, which was introduced as a concept this year.

Photo: Alpha Romeo promo

Photo: Alpha Romeo promo

Alpha confirmed that Tonale would receive the serial version, whose images first appeared in public.

Although there are clear changes to the concept, Tonale delivers a stunning look that will surely be one of the strongest features of this model.

Tonale is based on a compact platform, which also includes the Jeep Compas and is expected to power the 1.3-liter and 1.6-liter MultiAir II turbo petrol.

There is no information yet on whether Tonale will get diesel power while speculation is on a 4×4 hybrid.

Tonale could easily be Alfina's best-selling model and ance for the Italian maker's latest breakthrough. Ululia and Stelvio did not.

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