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A sudden change in time has arrived in Serbia, the temperature drops dramatically: Here is what is waiting for us


27.04.2015. 07:39


Rain, Photo: Alo! / Masanori Yoshida

Today in Serbia it is expected to be moderate to cloudy with torrential rains and thunderstorms.

The wind is weak and moderate in the northwest, except in the south, where most days will be southwest, and the mountains will occasionally be strong. Morning temperatures range from 10 to 16 degrees, and the highest day from 16 in the northwest to 25 in the southeast.


rhmz, Photo: Printskrin

In Belgrade today, it will be cloudy and more pronounced with rain, rain and thunder. It will blow a moderate northwest wind. The minimum temperature will be 15 degrees, and the highest daily is 17.

EXCLUSIVE FOR ALI! VILANDER: I'm looking forward to coming to Djokovic's country Novak!

And in the following days, the weather will be expected with frequent rains and local thunderstorms. Snow and snow are expected on Tuesday and Wednesday in the mountains above 1,500 meters.

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