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Zack Snyder will make a zombie movie for Netflix

According to Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder, who owes "300" and "Guardians" , signed a contract for the realization of a zombie movie for Netflix. The film will be called "The Army of the Dead" and will reconsider the story of a group of mercenaries trying to "rob a quarantine casino for zombies".

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Since the film is produced by Netflix, subscribers of the service will have the right to first observe it. The action will take place in Las Vegas, a city and ambience that is very suitable for the upper and grandiose effusions. After that abandoned achievement during the filming of the "League of Justice" after a personal drama, the artist looks happy to return to the series. According to one of the film's writers, the latter will obviously violent, but will also be disturbing. He thus evokes scenes of sex that disagree and unnatural. Zombies will be modern, ie. disgusted … and quickly.

It was not long before this film was made. After performing the remake of the Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder will normally continue, but the project never succeeded, there was no funding. At 9$ 0 million brought by Netflix will help you to imitate the vision of Mr. Snyder. He concludes: "I will have free hands on this film. I think it would be good to go straight and create something funny, epic and crazy. I never had such artistic freedom.

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