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"You are desperate to conform to the charity … More morality, if you are a Muslim,"

Sokhna Aïda Diallo did not go around the temples to reach the convention in El Launche, under the direction of Khalife General Mourides. Seraké Mountakha Mbacké, without having to worry about the Cheikh Béthio Thioune's record store in the Grand Magal de Touba (marijuana and acceptance stations), has not been resold for several years. Asei, entertained by the religious chefs of Serigne Cheikh Abdou Latyf Mbacké, Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Abdou Khadre, son of parole, Serigne Moustahine Mbacké, fils de Serigne Moussa Nawél and Serigne Modou Rockaya Mbacké à son hôte.

On the prophet's side, the patriarch of Darou Miname confessed without ambassadors to Sokhna A Dida Diallo that he despaired of such inclinations and that of Souhaiterait that he termed it so misguided.

"To be a Muslim, to be a Muslim and to be a Muslim. And not to be a Muslim, to have absolute respect for the charity, to conform to these recommandations, and in Jamaica to do so. Inter consequent, you desorms to conform to the prescriptions of islam, as quoted in the islam board. desormas, you do not have to pay for charity and you have to interdit with the femme Aussi interdit. Whatever the religion of the Muslim religion and what is the quintessence of the Serigne Touba. "

Serigne Mountakha Mbacké Bassirou d'indiquer à Sokhna Aïda Diallo the conduite to report only to persons who are not eligible. "You are recommended that you exhort the adolescents to adopt a son, to approve Coran et cetera with the Serigne Touba khassidas. This is the only prix that is available for the Benediction of Serigne Touba. "

And for the sake of discourse, the Khalife General of Mourides fera savoir has no intention of continuing as part of the Mourid community as the suit for the recommandations, without exception.

That Sokhna Aïda Diallo is accepted, provided that such exclusives are only available, prior to the release being fully integrated.

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