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"Why I deactivated the bomb in Mbace … Those who left Mekki for not re-elected MPs … For 2019, we are not afraid"

Dakaraku: Dear, your coalition is going through difficult times in Mbace with rival Galo Bia-Abdu Mabake Ndao mayor. In addition, the electoral commission also assumed

Yes indeed, but it must be noted that this situation is outdated. When I realized that mediation was inevitable, I decided to start the process. In the first gathering convened by Galo Bia, to form a consensus committee, I noticed that the mayor was not present and was not present. I immediately realized that there was a blockade and obliged me in the room to reconcile the essence. This is the way I made the affair of Minister Musa Saho, Hector Madame Mbabe, Socialist Moran Gue, political leaders Mustafa Nidi and Mustafa Bea to play good offices. And that's the topic that the two men were interviewed behind closed doors, before they keep the mayor running the committee and that the CEO of Sogip Sa will take responsibility for cash. Today, peace has been found.

Dakaraku: Peace on the facade, modestly, the two men always end up digging the ax after a moment of lull

Certainly! But there, everything can be different, because it's a matter of re-electing a common candidate (…). In any case, I could not stay on hold and stay the situation worse. What connects me with President McKee Sal is long overdue. When I was accompanying him, Serigue Saliu Mbake was still in this world. I crossed the desert with him and commended many.

Dakaraku: This did not prevent President Mackie Sal from wiping you out during the last matches of the landfill. Those who suffered the same failure as you hit the door

Those members who were not re-appointed and who slammed the door do not have the same motifs as me. Their goals were related to positions of responsibility with consequent financial impact. On the other hand, I was with President McKee Sal to satisfy personal convictions. If President McKee Sal was a rice retailer somewhere in the world, my home is his rice that the family will eat. And he always showed me that I considered him.

Dakaraku: How do you estimate the demolition of the Flight de Diop from Goulieu to Toba?

Years ago, Diop did not make any intrusions. He has a house in Toba and is the Taliban of Serying Saliu Mbake. Tuba is a place that can not be politically managed by two or three people. Years ago, Diop gave anyone who wanted to hear that he did not come to ask for a post of deputy, nor less of a DG or senior adviser. He is already assigned to positions of responsibility. He also told local leaders that he did not come to cut down his activists. He does not need it. His role was to address the leaders who froze their activities, because they were dissatisfied, the leaders of the opposition were visibly influential, etc. Therefore, he should not have shamed anyone. Unfortunately, some sporadic reactions can still come from nowhere.

Dakaraku: An open meeting for President McKay Sal in Toba. Already taking care of mobilization?

No fear can be justified. What President Macky Sall did in Touba, people know it. Only the Ilaa Tuba highway is sufficient as a balance sheet. I do not mention the passage through Ndamatou, the hospital under construction, etc.

Dakaraku: Sunny, are you scared?

Sonko, who is Sonko? I do not know Sonko!

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