Tuesday , January 19 2021

"What would be PIE without a Senegalese company?"

Mahamid Boon Abdallah Dion, Prime Minister: "What would be PIE without a Senegalese company?"

Responding to the arrest of the private sector in Senegal, sent by CNP National Council Chairman, Mr. Baïdy Agne, the head of government recalled the public-private partnership for PPP Phase II to be covered, which is 2.8 billion euros, has been delivered to the Senegalese private sector. It was during the Forum for Private Investors in Paris.

At this meeting, four sectors with inclusive growth and sustained social progress were the subject of discussions and talks with the Senegalese private sector, namely, oil and gas; digital; agro-industry; and infrastructure.

Mr. Dion hopes that the private sector actors are ready because "the head of state has instructed us to go fast and work well in accordance with the principles of good governance and transparency."

According to him, the major reforms will be undertaken in a swift way, in accordance with his will, in the interest of stronger and inclusive growth, with an average growth rate of 9% over this period; greater mobilization of domestic resources and improved public spending.

In addition, this is the increased development of human capital for the additional utilization of the digital dividend; strengthening the management and modernization of the public administration; completion of structural and sectoral reforms.

Not to mention the finalization of the legal and institutional framework for public-private partnerships; creating a family fund for attracting private financing, etc.

To this end, it continues, the strong involvement of the national private sector is one of the main orientations of the Priority Action Plan for PES II 2019-2023.

Published instructions to promote the national resources of "Digital"

The prime minister, who hides his "great pride" by highlighting the "digital" competence of the national private sector, announces that instructions will be given to the Digital Ministry in collaboration with ADIE, ARTP and ASEPEX, promoting and strengthening national resources of " Digital ".

Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne believes that if the President of the Republic decides to make the digital economy a full ministry, the goals of Senegal-Digital 2025 should be achieved.

On oil, the head of government, who welcomed the adoption of the Law on Local Content, followed by its announcement by the head of state, announced the entry into force of the second phase.

In fact, he is assured that the necessary consultations with stakeholders will be made. "Better, beyond the definition of the Senegalese company as a user of local content that we wanted to emphasize, the national private sector will be present in the body responsible for monitoring and monitoring."

According to him, taking the time needed to do well, the acts that engage our current and future generations is the decision of the Head of State.

In this dynamic, he recalls the declared desire of the government to revive the dynamics of industrial production, has taken part in Senegal's selection as a pilot country for the operationalization of the new UNIDO approach to inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

According to him, this new reflection on better state-industrial-merchants-consumers needs to be welcomed.

Prior to emphasizing that "at least" the import of products and industrial inputs for Senegal has reduced trade deficit, reduced capital transfers abroad, higher added local value added, more created and consolidated jobs.

Mariam Diallo


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