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We tested the hologram meeting with Magic Leap

BNP Paribas Real Estate will deploy a program in nearly six countries to deliver remote meetings thanks to the growing reality. The mysterious initial Magical Leap is his partner.

Experience has something from the Jedi Council of Star Wars. In addition, instead of seeing Obi Van Kenobi's apparent hologram, it is a real estate demonstrator BNP Paribas, a real estate project. The company announced in Viva Tech that it will develop this use of enhanced reality technology – which allows virtual elements to be embedded in the real world – for their teams based in Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Frankfurt and Paris. .

After six months of testing, she teamed up with a unicorn of an American magical jump. The start is known to suppress the appetite of Google or Lucasfilm, showing videos of impressive demonstrations of its technology and drew close to $ 2 billion from major investors before experiencing a real crisis. In 2016, she admitted lying to her investors by falsifying her videos and was far from her rival, Microsoft. The giant is really one of the first to launch in the sector with the hollowness helmet, whose last model is bluff and much more compact.

"The magic jump seemed to us to be the most relevant to organizing distant meetings between our employees and some investors," said Kevin Cardona, director of real estate innovations BNP Paribas. The specialist imagines, for example, a case where the buyer would like to visit the Tower of London, not yet built, on the side of Covent Garden. Instead of traveling to see a construction site, BNP Paribas proposes to project from his place of residence for a virtual experience using holograms.

Demo effect requires, holograms sometimes suffer from some neutralization, but overall, the result allows an entertaining meeting to be slower than the video call software. In May, Magic Leap acquired the French-Belgian start-up Mymesis, which scans and simulates the movements of users in 3D and in real time. This use is being considered by BNP Paris Real Estate in order to achieve cost savings for its teams. Another advantage is that the increased reality costs less than repetitive journeys, and even television stations. "It takes 150,000 euros for a single complete television room, and as needed at least two for a full exchange, it quickly represents a significant budget," said one side of BNP.

The wizard's wizard

The wizard's wizard Elisa Brown

Since the summer of 2018, Magic Leap sells its glasses, which the brand wants to call them "devices" in order to distinguish it from Microsoft's HoloLens. on Magical Leap One costs about $ 2300 and is currently difficult for ordinary people to access – only a few non-European developers or partner companies can access it, according to relatively vague rules from start-up accustomed to secrets .

Hard to test, the magic jump impresses with the depth of the field they allow. Their retro-futuristic trend design is currently the most successful on the market. Comfortable level, keeping is nice, even after twenty minutes of demonstration, the device feels and leaves the same sacred signs on the nose or forehead. Equipped with eight cameras, an integrated microphone and speakers in each branch, the device does not even include the hardware required for software calculations.

The light pack is slipping into the pocket or the back of the jeans

The light pack is slipping into the pocket or the back of the jeans Elisa Brown

The whole intelligence is built into the "Light Pack", a nice circle case connected to the device with a cable that is transmitted behind the shoulder. Simply slide the light bag through a lid in the back pocket or, if not, inside the clothes. This design choice is Magic Leap's specificity. Microsoft Holoins really embark on all the helmet's helm. "We're still a little on the stage of the first iPhone, with these technologies, but the jump is already impressive," sums up Kevin Cardona, who claims that this teleport has a pioneer experience.

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