Thursday , October 21 2021

Video – Chosen President Moustapha Guirassy intends to quit the office


Moustapha Guirassy, ​​chairman of the United Senegalese Party for Development (SPU), also presidential candidate of the year 2019, made shocking promises about his plans for the company he intends to establish once he has been elected to the highest office.

The president of the United Senegalese Party for Development, USA, shot everything on Sen TV yesterday. At the invitation of Pope Cheikh Sylla and Aminata Dramé to Talk de Sen TV, Moustapha Guirassy pleaded for putting people at the center of the economy and all public policies.

In his opinion, there is only one solution to bring the country out of rut: we must change the Senegalese. A transformation that necessarily entails a paradigm shift in the school and university system. Guirassy thus theorizes the concept of the knowledge economy and proposes the method of continuous control instead of the baccalaureate, which he describes as a weapon of mass destruction.

Among the seven axes he recommends for the development of Senegal are the prominence of the health card, the modernization of agriculture, with which he wants to eliminate the rain dependence, the establishment of industrial centers in each region. the digital economy …

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