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United States: Hacked Cam Announces Nuclear Attacks – World


A connected home automation system triggered a few days ago in the United States, a moment of "pure terror" of a couple living near San Francisco, announcing an attack on a nuclear missile shield from North Korea. He was punched.

The couple finally realized that it was an incredible joke of "hackers" who managed to break through the password of the Nest account and take control of the camera loudspeaker.

The subsidiary of the giant Alphabet / Google has encouraged its customers to strengthen the protection of
their system through a two-factor authentication (for example, a password and a code sent via SMS), she said. But, "The nest is not hacked," the company said, explaining that the incidents in the last months of pirate cameras were due to theft of passwords on third-party websites.

Compromised passwords

According to Nest, users "used compromised passwords, made pirated through bugs on other websites". Among other incidents, it is reported that a hacker threatens to kidnap a newborn baby or that to another informing the owner that his personal data has been hacked.

The nest is constantly investigating the vast amounts of personal data stolen and published online in search of email addresses or passwords used by its customers. If there is a problem, it warns you to change the password, but given the amount of stolen data in circulation, the process may take longer.

A connected home is a growing market. Many American homes have speakers, cameras or even connected bells. (Ps / NXP)

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