Thursday , April 22 2021

Transfers – Mercato: fair price of … Matthias De Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt of the Netherlands during the UEFA qualifying match between the Netherlands and Germany at Arena Johan Cruise on March 24, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (


Captain of the 19-year training Ajax that seduced Europe until it reached the semifinals of the C1, Matthias De Ligt is very coveted. But what will be the fair price of the Dutch central defender?

Europe is tearing away. And it is normal to look closer to a man's pedigree. Under 20, he already has an impressive aura. On the ground, he broadcasts an upsetting calm and settled as head of Ajax's defense. All this despite his young age, which disappears almost immediately from the moment he goes to the meadow. One scene was especially representative of this combat state of mind. During the championship title, the champion, 34, took the microphone, advanced on the platform and held his speech in front of a crowd crowd. As a man who was preparing to go to war.

Ajax coach A19 explained to that heis born with this natural leadershipAnd that he used itin a positive way, without screaming"Obviously, his explosion drew attention. It is difficult to distinguish the truth from the false into the stream of incessant rumor that sometimes sends in Spain, sometimes in England, and even in PSG, as revealed Sport. Information supported by From Telegraaf. The Spanish media have raised the amount of 70m euros. The price at which Amstellodamois would not even bother talking. Paris would make it a priority.

One thing is certain, the winner of this battle should quickly get its money …

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