Thursday , January 21 2021

Tottenham: Manchester eliminated after a madness, a summary

23:10 – De Bruyne tried everything

If Manchester City does not pass, Kevin De Bruin made a fantastic match with three assists. The midfielder could not do much more to qualify his team.

23:05 – A sword in the legend of the Champions League

We are probably attending the legendary match and the conditions are not exaggerated. But, in the end, it's Spurs Tottenham who wins and who plays semi-final history.

22:56 – ⏰ END OF THE GAME! Enough!

In the match that will remain in the history of the Champions League, Tottenham get his qualification on the City Lawn despite his defeat 4-3. The goal rejected at the end of the competition contributed to the dramaturgy of this meeting.

22:54 – The goal refused!

Terrible for the city! Aguero has got off the bench and the keeper is denied. This match is completely crazy.

22:53 – ⚽ GOAL! Sterling is a hat-trick!

IMPORTANT! Manchester City does this and achieves a goal to qualify for overtime. After losing the ball in Eriksen, Aguero was thrown into the box and delivered to Sterling. After a good hook, the Englishman got on his left leg and lured Lloris.

22:51 – 5 minutes extra time

There is still time to score, and even two! The fourth official shows five minutes of extra time.

22:50 – Last change for Spurs

Rose gave Sanchez the extra time of this city – Tottenham Hotspur.

22:49 – Tottenham continues against

The men of Mauricio Pochtino are in their camp and continue to protest in the final minutes of the meeting.

22:46 – Possibility for Gundogan!

This match is not over! Gundogan is close to returning the qualification of City players. After Sane's good hand, the middle tries to recover close, but the ball passes.

22:45 – an attempt on Eriksen

Dane noticed that Ederson is a little advanced and tries his luck with a lobe larger than 50 meters. The porter is not surprised.

22:43 – Last change for the city

Leroy Sane is finally back in the last moments. He replaces Benjamin Mendi. It's about the attack on Manchester City.

22:41 – Change to Tottenham

The former PSG player, Lucas, gave up his place at Ben Davis in the last minutes of this hallucinating City – Tottenham.

22:39 – Lloris stopped!

On the beautiful head Aguero, alone in the middle of two defenders, Lloris relaxes well and captures the ball to ease his team.

22:38 – Another fifteen minutes

It remains a quarter of an hour to register two goals on the side of Manchester City. After such a match, it is still possible in the image of this great shot by Gundogan who crosses over.

22:35 – The goal is validated

After a long hesitation against the images, the goal is finally given and makes sense, Llorente touches the ball on the hip.

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